Larissa Fyodorovna Guishar Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Larissa Fyodorovna Guishar
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    “Lara was not religious. She did not believe in rites. But sometimes, in order to endure life, she needed it to be accompanied by some inner music.”
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    “It’s not for nothing that you stand at the end of my life ... just as ... at its beginning.”
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    “I never turn back halfway, never abandon what I’ve started.”
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    “They were all there, all side by side, and some did not recognize each other, while others had never known each other.”
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    “If you love me and want to keep me from perishing, don’t put it off, let’s get married quickly.”
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    “Sacrificing her future in favor of Pasha’s, Lara held the candle as low as possible ... it always came out that her candle was higher than his.”