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Pink: Books For Kids

Looking for a list of the best children's books about pink?

Children’s literature has many notable options when it comes to pink. To help you find the right books for you and your young reader, we’ve compiled a list of the best kids books about pink.

Our list includes board books and picture books. Board books are best for babies and toddlers from ages newborn to 2 or 3. Picture books are generally great options for toddlers and for preschool and kindergarten age children. Picture books are especially enjoyable for adults to read aloud with young kids. You can filter to sort by the best book type for your kid.

When it comes to children’s stories about pink, there are a variety of titles. This list covers everything, from classics like The Pink Refrigerator to popular sellers like Flora and the Flamingo to some of our favorite hidden gems like Where Is My Pink Sweater?.

We hope this list of kids books about pink can be a helpful resource for parents, teachers, and others searching for a new book! As you explore the list, please comment below to let us know what books you would add.

The Pink Refrigerator
Written & illustrated by Tim Egan
Thoughts from The Goodfather

I love the lesson to be learned from Dodsworth about the fulfillment found in exploration and trying new things compared to the ease of passive idleness. The simple illustrations have an appealing, retro style.

picture book
Recommend Ages: 7-10

“Try to do as little as possible.” This was Dodsworth’s motto. One morning, on his daily trip to the junkyard, he discovers a pink refrigerator.

There’s not much to say about a pink refrigerator, except this one had a note on it. The note said, “Paint pictures.” And so Dodsworth did.

The next day, a new note appeared on the pink refrigerator. And the day after that, and the day after that.

Dodsworth liked doing as little as possible. But the pink refrigerator had big plans for him . . .

Flora and the Flamingo
Written & illustrated by Molly Idle
Thoughts from The Goodfather

Such a creative and fun story. It’s a book without words, but there is such a great story in the inventive illustrations. Very delightful.

picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

In this wordless book with interactive flaps, a friendship develops between a girl named Flora and a graceful flamingo, as they learn to dance together.

Where Is My Pink Sweater?
Written & illustrated by Nicola Slater
Thoughts from The Book Snob Mom

This is such a fun interactive board book—it’s quirky, spunky, and oozing with personality.

board book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

Follow Rudy as he searches for his favorite pink sweater in this interactive board book.

Rudy is looking for his favorite pink sweater. It’s a little small—he’s growing out of it—yet he can’t help but treasure it! The nine jiving llamas haven’t seen it, and neither have the eight prima pigerinas. Lift the flaps and peek through the die-cuts as Rudy follows a trail of pink yarn from his bedroom to the kitchen to the backyard and everywhere in between. This sweet, adventurous story is filled with bold and humorous illustrations, plus a fun counting element along the way.

Written by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann & illustrated by Victoria Kann
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

This sparkling New York Times bestselling picture book from Victoria and Elizabeth Kann celebrates all things pink while showing readers that being yourself is the best of all. This 10th anniversary edition of Pinkalicious features a special sticker and a glittery jacket just for the occasion.

Pinkalicious loves all things pink. From fairy dresses to cotton candy to bubblegum. Most importantly she loves eating pink cupcakes. Mommy and Daddy warn her not to eat too many, but Pinkalicious can’t help herself. They’re just too good! But when Pinkalicious eats one too many, she turns pink herself! What will she do?

Pinkalicious is the first picture book starring Pinkalicious and her family. She stars in five more picture books—Purplicious, Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Emeraldalicious, and Aqualicious--as well as I Can Reads, doodle books, and more!

Fussy Flamingo
Written by Shelly Vaughan James & illustrated by Matthew Rivera
Thoughts from B is for Bookworm

Lola is a picky eater who doesn’t want to eat shrimp, which gives flamingos their lovely pink shade, so instead she eats other things when her parents aren’t looking—but they notice when she turns other colors! Finally, Lola decides to try some shrimp and finds them delicious (and turns the normal shade of pink).

picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

A hysterical visual tale about a picky flamingo and her encouraging parents, perfect for fans of Grumpy Monkey and I Don’t Want to Be a Frog!

Meet Lola, the “no, no” flamingo. Lola will NOT eat shrimp, thank you very much. She does NOT care that it will turn her feathers pink. It is just plain yucky. But when Lola sneaks other snacks, she discovers that you really are what you eat. This very silly story will delight even the pickiest of young readers and resonate with parents eager to see just one bite.

Don’t miss the fun flamingo facts in the back!

  • Paulette the Pinkest Puppy - Mom of Boys - This is a cute little story about being different. A very fun reminder to look for similarities with those we meet and make the world a better place with our unique talents and abilities.

  • Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas! - Join Pinkalicious as she celebrates Christmas in New York Times bestselling author and artist Victoria Kann’s Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas!—complete with poster, cards, and sticker sheet! This year Pinkalicious has decided she wants a bright pink artificial Christmas tree. But Mommy and Daddy immediately say no—the Pinkertons always get real trees for the holidays. Despite Pinkalicious’s begging and pleading, each family member has a different objection: real trees smell better; it’s tradition; and there is definitely no room to store a big pink tree in the house after Christmas! Pinkalicious is disappointed, but she tries to put on her best cheerful face. Then, the day before Christmas, Mommy and Daddy surprise Pinkalicious by coming home with a gorgeously pink artificial tree and Pinkalicious is delighted! It’s pinkatastic!

  • Twinkle Thinks Pink! - From the acclaimed author of the beloved Angelina Ballerina series comes the second delightful picture book about a feisty fairy who’s obsessed with the color pink! When Twinkle and her friends get invited to Fairy Godmother’s garden party, they can’t wait to wear their sparkly outfits and eat lots of fairy cake! They fly through Sparkle Tree Forest to take a peek at the rainbow roses in the palace. But as they admire the beautiful garden, Twinkle notices that her favorite color is missing! So, she closes her eyes, waves her wand, and casts a little spell to turn everything pink! With her magical pink spells going sideways and frustration running high, can Twinkle set everything right before the garden party is ruined?

  • Pink is for Boys - Mom of Boys - My oldest son loved pink when he was little. When he went to kindergarten he started to learn the stereotypes of “boy” and “girl” colors. This is a nice book that demonstrates that “all the colors are for everyone.”

Pinkalicious: Soccer Star
Written & illustrated by Victoria Kann
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

After preparing well for a first soccer match, Pinkalicious is angered by a rival team’s jokes about the Pinksters’ pink soccer ball which they kick off the field, forcing Pinkalicious to chase after it, but as luck would have it, Pinklalicious’ unicorn, Goldilicious, is waiting and sweeps up her up on an imaginative journey that offers just the encouragement Pinkalicious needs to return to the game. Simultaneous.

If Everything Were Pink
Written by Hannah Eliot & illustrated by Lalalimola
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

Does pink make your world go ’round? From a bubblegum-hued cow to a flamingo-colored submarine, this tabbed board book features the many shades of pink! If everything were pink, a pink cow would blow pink bubblegum, pink jewelry-wearing bumblebees would buzz around pink roses, and a pink submarine would carry pink passengers! From bubblegum to ballet, rose to petunia, this book is a celebration of color. Each shade gets its very own tab on this novelty board book, and readers will love using their imagination as they explore the world of pink.

The Little Pink Rosebud
Written by & illustrated by Jennifer Shand and Sally Garland
picture book
Recommend Ages: 5-8

Budding readers will love the story of the little pink Rosebud and her very determined friends, who encourage her to finally leave her little home deep under the ground and blossom into the beautiful rose she was always meant to be. This reimagined version of the classic by Sara Cone Bryant will capture the hearts of little ones and encourage a love for botanical beauty.

Written & illustrated by Jennifer Sattler
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Meet a flamingo that comes to learn that being yourself is the best thing to be! “Mama, why are we pink?” asks an ever-curious young flamingo named Sylvie. When she learns that it’s due to the little pink brine shrimp they eat, Sylvie takes the maxim “You are what you eat!” to a whole new level. Her new diet leads to some colorful new looks—from scarlet to green to positively purple! Ultimately, Sylvie learns the valuable lesson that sometimes it’s best just to be yourself. Little listeners will love trying to guess “what happens next?” This new edition is perfect for little hands, and for stowing in backpacks and strollers for reading on the go! “There is a surprise ending that will surely induce giggles from kids. Sattler’s art steals the show; the colors are eye-popping and vibrant, right to the swirling bright endpapers. As Sylvie changes colors the background changes hues as well. This title is sure to create story time magic.” —School Library Journal

Polly's Pink Pajamas
Written by Vivian French & illustrated by Sue Heap
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-7

A pajama-loving Polly is in for a surprise as she scrambles to find the right party outfit in this sweet, child-friendly tale. (Age 3 and up)

Polly adores her pink pajamas. She wears them all day long! But of course she can’t wear them to Fred’s party, so all her friends lend her something of theirs. Just as she’s ready to leave, Polly catches a look in the mirror — and somehow the too-short polka-dot dress and tiny checkered cardigan and the long striped socks don’t make the fashion statement she’d hoped for. With fun, free-spirited illustrations and a simple story, here’s a humorous tale for young children who love to dress up — and those who decidedly don’t.

  • Pink! - When Patrick wakes up one day to find he has inexplicably turned bright pink, he sees red: Whoever heard of a pink penguin? he cries. And boys can’t be pink! After too much teasing, he’s had enough. I don’t fit in here anymore, he tells his parents. I’m going to Africa to see the flamingos. But poor Patrick doesn’t fit in with them, either: He can’t stand on one leg, skim the water for food, or fly off with the rest of the flock. So he returns home—and everyone is happy to see him! In fact, his friends are green with envy over his exotic trip. Ends up being hot pink is pretty cool!

  • Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink - One hot summer day, Pinkalicious gets an idea that is simply pinkerrific—a pink lemonade stand! But before Pinkalicious can start selling her lemonade, she has to figure out how to make it. Pink grapefruit, pink watermelon, and pink frosting—if it’s pink, it’s the perfect ingredient!

  • My Pretty Pink Alphabet Purse - Fantastic new alphabet book to engage and amuse girls as they learn about letters and first words. My Pretty Pink Alphabet Purse is a fantastic new book for little ones who love everything pink, cute, and sparkly! Children will love learning their alphabet and first words with this gorgeous book. Children will love to find out what exciting things are hidden in the purse and in doing so, will also develop confidence learning the letters of the alphabet. Each spread uses simple rhyming text and bright, lively photography to engage and amuse little minds. The cut-through handle is perfect for little hands to pick up and carry wherever they go just like a real purse!

  • Ballet Kitty - Ballet Kitty wakes up in the pinkballerina pink, of courseuntil she realizes she can t find her slippers anywhere. Suddenly her leaps aren t as lighthearted or her pirouettes as pretty. Where could they be? she mumbles and grumbles. How can she dance in her clunky old sneakers? But very quickly Kitty discovers that as long as she s doing her most perfect plies and cutest curtsies, she ll always be happyright from her head to the tips of her little pointed toes!
    Bernette Ford s delightful dance-loving story and Sam Williams s charming pas de deux of pussycats will inspire every little ballerina!”

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