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Ann M. Martin is the author of Ten Rules for Living with My Sister, Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life, Everything for a Dog, and Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure. She won a Newbery Honor Award for A Corner of the Universe, and is the author of the beloved Baby-Sitters Club series. She lives in upstate New York.

Mary Anne and the Great Romance
Mallory and the Mystery Diary
Welcome Back Stacey!
Jessi and the Superbrat
Claudia and the Sad Good-Bye
Karen's Haircut (Graphic Novel)
Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger
Karen's Ghost

Most Popular Ann M. Martin Books

    chapter • 176 Pages
    Kristy's Great Idea
    #1 in Series
    Ann M. Martin
    chapter • 176 Pages
    Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls
    #2 in Series
    Ann M. Martin
    chapter • 160 Pages
    Claudia and Mean Janine
    #7 in Series
    Ann M. Martin
    chapter • 176 Pages
    The Truth about Stacey
    #3 in Series
    Ann M. Martin
    chapter • 256 Pages
    Rain Reign
    Ann M. Martin
    chapter • 176 Pages
    Kristy's Big Day
    #6 in Series
    Ann M. Martin

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All Ann M. Martin Books

2025Mary Anne and the Great RomanceAnn M. Martin160
2024Mallory and the Mystery DiaryAnn M. Martin160
2024Welcome Back Stacey!Ann M. Martin160
2024Jessi and the SuperbratAnn M. Martin160
2023Claudia and the Sad Good-ByeAnn M. Martin160
2023Karen's Haircut (Graphic Novel)Ann M. MartinKaty Farina144
2023Mary Anne and the Search for TiggerAnn M. Martin160
2023Karen's GhostAnn M. Martin112
2023Kristy and the Mother's Day SurpriseAnn M. Martin160
2023Dawn on the CoastAnn M. Martin160
2023Karen's Birthday (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin160
2022Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin176
2022Karen's PrizeAnn M. Martin112
2022Jessi Ramsey, Pet-SitterAnn M. Martin160
2022Jessi's Secret Language (Graphic Novel)Ann M. MartinChan Chau144
2022Karen's GrandmothersAnn M. MartinChristine Almeda112
2022Mallory and the Trouble with TwinsAnn M. Martin160
2022Karen's SleepoverAnn M. Martin112
2022Kristy and the Walking DisasterAnn M. Martin160
2022Karen's HaircutAnn M. MartinChristine Almeda112
2022Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin176
2022Karen's School Picture (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin128
2022Karen's BirthdayAnn M. MartinChristine Almeda112
2022Claudia and the Bad JokeAnn M. Martin160
2021Karen's Little SisterAnn M. MartinChristine Almeda112
2021Stacey's MistakeAnn M. Martin160
2021Karen's School PictureAnn M. MartinChristine Almeda112
2021Kristy and the Snobs (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin160
2021Mary Anne's Bad Luck MysteryAnn M. Martin160
2021Karen's Kittycat Club (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin144
2021Karen's Kittycat ClubAnn M. MartinKaty Farina112
2021Karen's Worst DayAnn M. Martin112
2021Karen's Roller SkatesAnn M. Martin112
2021Karen's WitchAnn M. Martin112
2021Jessi's Secret LanguageAnn M. Martin160
2021Claudia and the New Girl (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin176
2021Little Miss Stoneybrook...and DawnAnn M. Martin160
2021Hello, MalloryAnn M. Martin160
2020Karen's Worst Day (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin144
2020Good-Bye Stacey, Good-ByeAnn M. Martin160
2020Claudia and the New GirlAnn M. Martin160
2020Kristy and the SnobsAnn M. Martin160
2020Logan Likes Mary Anne! (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin176
2020Logan Likes Mary Anne!Ann M. Martin160
2020The Ghost at Dawn's HouseAnn M. Martin176
2020Karen's Roller Skates (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin128
2020Boy-Crazy StaceyAnn M. Martin160
2020Claudia and Mean JanineAnn M. Martin160
2020Dawn and the Impossible ThreeAnn M. Martin176
2020Mary Anne Saves the DayAnn M. Martin176
2020Kristy's Big DayAnn M. Martin176
2020The Truth about StaceyAnn M. Martin176
2020Claudia and the Phantom Phone CallsAnn M. Martin176
2020Kristy's Great IdeaAnn M. Martin176
2019Karen's Witch (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin144
2019Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Sticky-Fingers CureAnn M. MartinAnnie ParnellBen Hatke240
2019Boy-Crazy Stacey (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin176
2018Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Won't-Walk-the-Dog CureAnn M. Martin, Annie ParnellBen Hatke256
2018Kristy's Big Day (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin160
2018Rain ReignAnn M. Martin256
2017Dawn and the Impossible Three (Graphic Novel)Ann M. Martin160
2017Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever CureAnn M. Martin, Annie ParnellBen Hatke272
2016The Doll People's ChristmasAnn M. Martin, Laura GodwinAnn M. MartinBrett Helquist48
2016Claudia and Mean Janine (Graphic Novel)Ann M. MartinRaina Telgemeier176
2015Mary Anne Saves the Day (Graphic Novel)Ann M. MartinRaina Telgemeier160
2015The Truth About Stacey (Graphic Novel)Ann M. MartinRaina Telgemeier144
2015Kristy's Great Idea (Graphic Novel)Ann M. MartinRaina Telgemeier192
2014The Doll People Set SailLaura Godwin, Ann M. MartinBrett Helquist277
2011Staying TogetherAnn M. Martin192
2010Coming ApartAnn M. Martin200
2010The Runaway DollsAnn M. Martin, Laura GodwinBrian Selznick352
2009Keeping SecretsAnn M. Martin208
2008September SurprisesAnn M. Martin189
2008The Secret Book ClubAnn M. Martin212
2008Best FriendsAnn M. Martin195
2007'Tis the SeasonAnn M. Martin195
2007Needle and ThreadAnn M. Martin205
2007Welcome to Camden FallsAnn M. Martin174
2007A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a StrayAnn M. Martin208
2005The Meanest Doll in the WorldAnn M. Martin, Laura GodwinBrian Selznick260
2004A Corner of the UniverseAnn M. Martin189
2000The Doll PeopleAnn M. Martin, Laura GodwinBrian Selznick272
1997Happy Holidays, JessiAnn M. Martin137
1996Abby's Lucky ThirteenAnn M. Martin126
1995Dawn's BookAnn M. Martin149
1994Here Come the Bridesmaids!Ann M. Martin231
1994Karen's Two FamiliesAnn M. Martin112
1993Karen's WeddingAnn M. Martin112
1993Karen's Doll HospitalAnn M. Martin101
1992Karen's BabyAnn M. Martin138
1992Karen's KittensAnn M. Martin95
1990California GirlsAnn M. Martin255


Raina Telgemeier
Christine Almeda
Laura Godwin
Brian Selznick
Brett Helquist
Katy Farina
Chan Chau
Annie Parnell
Ben Hatke


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