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Daniel Wiseman likes to draw. A lot. He likes it so much, he’s made a career out of it. Usually he draws animals wearing clothes, or kids enjoying a good dance party. However, when prodded, he’s been known to draw pretty much anything else. Daniel currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his beautiful wife and his equally beautiful son. When he isn’t drawing, he can usually be found doing one of these great things: perfecting his biscuit recipe, hiking up a mountain in some faraway location, singing loudly in his car, riding his bike on the mean streets of STL, or napping.

What About X? An Alphabet Adventure
The World Needs More Purple People
My Brother the Duck
Baby Paleontologist
Baby Botanist

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All Daniel Wiseman Books

2020What About X? An Alphabet AdventureAnne Marie Houppert40
2020The World Needs More Purple PeopleBenjamin Hart, Kristen Bell40
2020Rad!Anne Bustard32
2020My Brother the DuckPat Zietlow Miller40
2020Baby PaleontologistDr. Laura Gehl22
2019Baby BotanistDr. Laura Gehl22
2019Baby AstronautDr. Laura Gehl22
2019Baby OceanographerDr. Laura Gehl22
2018When Your Monkeys Won't Go to BedSusanna Leonard Hill26
2018Goodbye Brings Hello: A Book of FirstsDianne White40
2018Play This BookJessica Young32
2018When Your Llama Needs a HaircutSusanna Leonard Hill26
2017When Your Elephant Has the SnifflesSusanna Leonard Hill26
2017When Your Lion Needs a BathSusanna Leonard Hill26


Benjamin Hart
Kristen Bell
Jessica Young
Susanna Leonard Hill
Dr. Laura Gehl
Anne Marie Houppert
Dianne White
Pat Zietlow Miller
Anne Bustard

Book Dedications by Daniel Wiseman

  • For my two favorite little ducklings, Henry & Hugo
    My Brother the Duck