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Jory John


JORY JOHN is the author of multiple books for children and adults, including the New York Times bestsellers The Terrible Two and All My Friends Are Dead, as well as the popular Penguin Problems and E. B. White Read-Aloud Honor book Goodnight Already. He lives in Oregon with his wife.

Something's Wrong!: A Bear, a Hare, and Some Underwear
First Day Critter Jitters
It's Not My Fault!
The Great Eggscape!
The Cool Bean
The Terrible Two's Last Laugh
That's What Dinosaurs Do
The Good Egg
The Terrible Two's Last Laugh
All Right Already!

Most Popular Jory John Books

    The Bad Seed
    Jory John, Pete Oswald
    The Good Egg
    Jory John, Pete Oswald
    The Cool Bean
    Jory John, Pete Oswald
    Jory John, Pete Oswald
    The Great Eggscape!
    Jory John, Pete Oswald
    First Day Critter Jitters
    Liz Climo, Jory John

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All Jory John Books

2021Something's Wrong!: A Bear, a Hare, and Some UnderwearJory John40
2020The Couch PotatoJory JohnPete Oswald40
2020First Day Critter JittersJory JohnLiz Climo40
2020It's Not My Fault!Jory JohnJared Chapman40
2020The Great Eggscape!Jory JohnPete Oswald32
2019The Cool BeanJory JohnPete Oswald40
2019The Terrible Two's Last LaughJory John, Mac BarnettKevin Cornell224
2019That's What Dinosaurs DoJory JohnPete Oswald32
2019The Good EggJory JohnPete Oswald40
2019The Terrible Two's Last LaughMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell144
2018All Right Already!Jory JohnBenji Davies32
2018Can Somebody Please Scratch My Back?Jory JohnLiz Climo40
2018Giraffe ProblemsJory JohnLane Smith42
2017Come Home Already!Jory JohnBenji Davies32
2017The Terrible Two Get WorseJory John, Mac BarnettKevin Cornell240
2017The Bad SeedJory JohnPete Oswald40
2016The Terrible Two Go WildMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell224
2016The Terrible Two Get WorseMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell224
2016Quit Calling Me a Monster!Jory JohnJory John40
2016Penguin ProblemsJory JohnLane Smith32
2015I Love You AlreadyJory JohnBenji Davies32
2015I Will Chomp You!Jory JohnBob Shea40
2014Goodnight Already!Jory JohnBenji Davies32
1960The Terrible TwoMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell224


Pete Oswald
Liz Climo
Lane Smith
Kevin Cornell
Mac Barnett
Benji Davies
Jared Chapman
Bob Shea