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Mac Barnett


Mac Barnett is the coauthor of the Terrible Two series and the author of many picture books, which have won multiple Caldecott Honors.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
The Great Zapfino
John's Turn
What Is Love?
Mac Saves the World
Jack Gets Zapped!
Polar Bear in the Snow

Most Popular Mac Barnett Books

    chapter • 320 Pages
    The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
    #1 in Series
    Graphic Nov.
    Mac Barnett, Shawn Harris
    picture • 40 Pages
    Sam & Dave Dig a Hole
    Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen
    picture • 48 Pages
    The Three Billy Goats Gruff
    Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen
    picture • 40 Pages
    Extra Yarn
    Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen
    chapter • 160 Pages
    Mac Undercover
    Mac Barnett, Mike Lowery
    chapter • 240 Pages
    The Terrible Two
    Mac Barnett, Jory John, Kevin Cornell

Book Stats


All Mac Barnett Books

2022The Three Billy Goats GruffMac BarnettJon Klassen48
2022The First Cat in Space Ate PizzaMac BarnettShawn Harris320
2022The Great ZapfinoMac BarnettMarla Frazee32
2022John's TurnMac BarnettKate Berube32
2021What Is Love?Mac BarnettCarson Ellis44
2021Mac Saves the WorldMac BarnettMike Lowery176
2021Jack Gets Zapped!Mac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2020Polar Bear in the SnowMac BarnettShawn Harris40
2020Jack and SantaMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2020The Sound of DangerMac BarnettMike Lowery176
2020Jack at the ZooMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2020Too Many JacksMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2020Paolo, Emperor of RomeMac BarnettClaire Keane48
2020Jack at BatMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2020Jack Goes WestMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2019Mac Cracks the CodeMac BarnettMike Lowery176
2019The Terrible Two's Last LaughMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell224
2019Top Secret SmackdownMac BarnettMike Lowery160
2019Just BecauseMac BarnettIsabelle Arsenault40
2019Hi, Jack!Mac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2019Jack Blasts OffMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli80
2019CircleMac BarnettJon Klassen48
2018Impossible CrimeMac BarnettMike Lowery160
2018The Terrible Two Go WildMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell240
2018Mac UndercoverMac BarnettMike Lowery160
2018SquareMac BarnettJon Klassen48
2017The Terrible Two Get WorseMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell240
2017The Terrible TwoMac Barnett, Jory JohnKevin Cornell240
2017I Love You Like a PigMac BarnettGreg Pizzoli40
2017Places to BeMac BarnettRenata Liwska32
2017TriangleMac BarnettJon Klassen48
2017Noisy NightMac BarnettBrian Biggs32
2017The Wolf, the Duck, and the MouseMac BarnettJon Klassen40
2016The Magic WordMac BarnettElise Parsley40
2016How This Book Was MadeMac BarnettAdam Rex48
2016President Taft Is Stuck in the BathMac BarnettChris Van Dusen32
2016Rules of the HouseMac BarnettMatt Myers48
2015Leo: A Ghost StoryMac BarnettChristian Robinson52
2015The SkunkMac BarnettPatrick McDonnell40
2014Sam & Dave Dig a HoleMac BarnettJon Klassen40
2014TelephoneMac BarnettJen Corace40
2013Danger Goes BerserkMac BarnettMatt Myers256
2013Count the MonkeysMac BarnettMac BarnettKevin Cornell32
2012It Happened on a TrainMac BarnettAdam Rex304
2012Chloe and the LionMac BarnettAdam Rex48
2012Extra YarnMac BarnettJon Klassen40
2011The Ghostwriter SecretMac BarnettAdam Rex256
2010The Case of the Case of Mistaken IdentityMac BarnettAdam Rex208
2009Guess Again!Mac BarnettAdam Rex32
2009Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale ProblemMac BarnettAdam Rex34


Shawn Harris
Jon Klassen
Mike Lowery
Jory John
Kevin Cornell
Greg Pizzoli
Chris Van Dusen
Jen Corace
Carson Ellis
Claire Keane
Matt Myers
Christian Robinson
Kate Berube
Adam Rex
Isabelle Arsenault
Patrick McDonnell
Marla Frazee
Brian Biggs
Elise Parsley
Renata Liwska


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