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Mary Pope Osborne is the award-winning author of many distinguished books for children and young adults, including the bestselling Magic Treehouse series; Favorite Medieval Tales, illustrated by Troy Howell; American Tall Tales, illustrated by Michael McCurdy; Rocking Horse Christmas, illustrated by Ned Bittinger; and Adaline Falling Star. The former president of the Author’s Guild, she lives in New York City with her husband, Will.

Dinosaurs Before Dark (The Graphic Novel)
Camp Time in California
Warriors in Winter
Dinosaurs Before Dark
Late Lunch with Llamas
Narwhals and Other Whales: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #33: Narwhal on a Sunny Night
Narwhal on a Sunny Night
Magic Tree House Deluxe Holiday Edition: Christmas in Camelot

Most Popular Mary Pope Osborne Books

    Dinosaurs Before Dark
    Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
    A Big Day for Baseball
    Mary Pope Osborne, A.G. Ford
    Pirates Past Noon
    Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
    Midnight on the Moon
    Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
    Mummies in the Morning
    Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca
    Hour of the Olympics
    Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca

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All Mary Pope Osborne Books

2021Dinosaurs Before Dark (The Graphic Novel)Jenny Laird, Mary Pope OsborneNichole MatthewsKelly Matthews176
2021Camp Time in CaliforniaMary Pope OsborneA.G. Ford112
2020Warriors in WinterMary Pope OsborneA.G. Ford112
2020Dinosaurs Before DarkMary Pope OsborneAntonio Javier Caparo96
2020Late Lunch with LlamasMary Pope OsborneA.G. Ford112
2020Narwhals and Other Whales: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #33: Narwhal on a Sunny NightNatalie Pope Boyce, Mary Pope OsborneIsidre Mones128
2020Narwhal on a Sunny NightMary Pope OsborneA.G. Ford112
2019Magic Tree House Deluxe Holiday Edition: Christmas in CamelotMary Pope OsborneAntonio Javier Caparo144
2019To the Future, Ben FranklinMary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce128
2019Warriors: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #31: Warriors in WinterNatalie Pope Boyce, Mary Pope OsborneIsidre Mones128
2018Hurricane Heroes in TexasMary Pope OsborneA.G. Ford112
2018Texas: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #30: Hurricane Heroes in TexasNatalie Pope Boyce, Mary Pope OsborneIsidre Mones128
2017A Big Day for BaseballMary Pope OsborneA.G. Ford96
2016Magic Tree House Incredible Fact Book: Our Favorite Facts about Animals, Nature, History, and More Cool Stuff!Natalie Pope Boyce, Mary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca144
2016Night of the Ninth DragonMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca144
2016Soccer on SundayMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca144
2015Shadow of the SharkMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca144
2014Stallion by StarlightMary Pope Osborne144
2014A Perfect Time for PandasMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca114
2013Abe Lincoln at Last!Mary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca114
2012A Ghost Tale for Christmas TimeMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca113
2012Soccer: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House Merlin Mission #24: Soccer on SundayMary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope BoyceSal Murdocca123
2011Winter of the Ice WizardMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca109
2011Summer of the Sea SerpentMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca144
2011Crazy Day with CobrasMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca112
2010Moonlight on the Magic FluteMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca106
2010Haunted Castle on Hallows EveMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca113
2009Christmas in CamelotMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca115
2008Dragon of the Red DawnMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca108
2007Blizzard of the Blue Moon [With Sticker]Mary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca144
2005Sleeping BobbyMary Pope Osborne, Will OsborneGiselle Potter40
2003High Tide in HawaiiMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
2002Thanksgiving on ThursdayMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
2002Good Morning, GorillasMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
2002The Brave Little SeamstressMary Pope OsborneGiselle Potter40
2002Stage Fright on a Summer NightMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
2001Earthquake in the Early MorningMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
2001Twister on TuesdayMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca70
2000Revolutionary War on WednesdayMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
2000Civil War on SundayMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca0
2000Dingoes at DinnertimeMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1999Tigers at TwilightMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1999Buffalo Before BreakfastMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca87
1999Tonight on the TitanicMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca70
1998Hour of the OlympicsMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1998Viking Ships At SunriseMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1998Day of the Dragon KingMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca68
1998Vacation Under The VolcanoMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1998Polar Bears Past BedtimeMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1998Lions at LunchtimeMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1997Ghost Town at SundownMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca96
1997Dolphins at DaybreakMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca67
1996Midnight on the MoonMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80
1996Sunset of the SabertoothMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80
1995Afternoon on the AmazonMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80
1995Night of the NinjasMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80
1994Pirates Past NoonMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80
1993Mummies in the MorningMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80
1993The Knight at DawnMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca67
1992Dinosaurs Before DarkMary Pope OsborneSal Murdocca80


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A.G. Ford
Jenny Laird
Nichole Matthews
Kelly Matthews
Natalie Pope Boyce
Isidre Mones
Antonio Javier Caparo
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