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MERCER MAYER began writing and illustrating children’s books in 1966, and since then, he has published over 300 titles. Readers can open almost any of his award-winning books and out may pop dragons, cuddly monsters, wonderful creatures, and endearing critters. Drawing from his own childhood adventures for inspiration, Mayer created one of children’s books most cherished characters, Little Critter. He currently lives in Connecticut.

Just a Toy
Monster Truck
A Very Special Critter
Just Lost!
Just a Piggy Bank
Just Go to Bed
Little Critter and the Best Present
Little Critter's Manners
Little Critter Goes to School

Most Popular Mercer Mayer Books

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    The New Baby
    Mercer Mayer, C. Nahmad
    picture • 24 Pages
    I Was So Mad
    Ron Miller, Mercer Mayer
    picture • 24 Pages
    Just Me and My Dad
    Mercer Mayer
    picture • 24 Pages
    Just Me and My Little Brother
    Mercer Mayer
    picture • 176 Pages
    Just a Little Critter
    Mercer Mayer
    board • 24 Pages
    The New Potty
    Mercer Mayer

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All Mercer Mayer Books

2023Just a ToyMercer Mayer24
2023Monster TruckMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2022A Very Special CritterMercer Mayer24
2022Just Lost!Mercer Mayer24
2022Just a Piggy BankMercer Mayer24
2021Just Go to BedMercer Mayer40
2020Little Critter and the Best PresentMercer Mayer32
2020Little Critter's MannersMercer Mayer48
2020Little Critter Goes to SchoolMercer Mayer32
2020Taking Care of MomMercer Mayer, Gina Mayer24
2019Just My Best FriendMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2019Little Critter Fall Storybook FavoritesMercer MayerMercer Mayer192
2019These Are My PetsMercer Mayer32
2019Trick or Treat, Little CritterMercer Mayer24
2019Exploring the Great OutdoorsMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2019Happy Easter, Little CritterMercer Mayer24
2018It's Bedtime, Little CritterMercer Mayer48
2017Just Pick Us, Please!Mercer Mayer32
2017Just an Adventure at SeaMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2017When I Grow UpMercer MayerMercer Mayer40
2017My Trip to the Science MuseumMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2017The Great Brain Is BackJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer144
2016Just a Baby BirdMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2015Just a Special ThanksgivingMercer Mayer24
2015Just a Teacher's PetMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2015Just Fishing with GrandmaMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2014Just a Special DayMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2014Being ThankfulMercer Mayer24
2014We All Need ForgivenessMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2013Just a Little LoveMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2013You Go FirstMercer Mayer24
2013It's True!Mercer Mayer24
2013Just Big EnoughMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2013Just One More PetMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2013Just a Big StormMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2012We Are MovingMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2012Just a Little Too LittleMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2011Little Critter ColorsMercer Mayer28
2011Little Critter ShapesMercer Mayer28
2011The Best Show & ShareMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2011Little Critter NumbersMercer Mayer28
2011Just Helping My DadMercer Mayer32
2011A Green, Green GardenMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2011Just a Little LuckMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2010Little Critter Sleeps OverMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2010Little Critter Hansel and GretelMercer Mayer30
2010Jack and the Beanstalk: A Lift-The-Flap BookMercer Mayer30
2010Just Critters Who CareMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2010The Best Yard SaleMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2010Just Saving My MoneyMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2010Where's My Sneaker?Mercer Mayer30
2010Where's Kitty?Mercer Mayer30
2010Where Is My Frog?Mercer Mayer30
2009Just a Little MusicMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2009Just a Little SickMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2009Going to the Sea ParkMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2009The Fall FestivalMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2009Happy Mother's Day!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer20
2008This Is My TownMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2008To the Rescue!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2008Just a Day at the PondMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2008Going to the FirehouseMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2008The Best Teacher EverMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2008It's Earth Day!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2007The Lost Dinosaur BoneMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2007Snowball SoupMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2007The Bravest KnightMercer Mayer32
2007Grandma, Grandpa, and MeMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2007Happy Father's Day!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer20
2006Just a Snowy DayMercer MayerMercer Mayer16
2006Just So ThankfulMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2005Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer20
2005My Trip to the HospitalMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2005Little Critter It's My Birthday!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2005Sports Fun with Little CritterMercer Mayer32
2005Just a Little CritterMercer Mayer176
2004Just a Dump TruckMercer Mayer20
2004Just a TugboatMercer Mayer20
2004Good for Me and YouMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2004Merry Christmas, Little Critter!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer16
2004Just a SnowmanMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2004Happy Halloween, Little Critter!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer16
2004Just a School ProjectMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2004Bye-Bye, Mom and DadMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2004Me and My Little BrainJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer137
2004The Great BrainJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer175
2004More Adventures of the Great BrainJohn D. FitzgeraldJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer160
2003We Love You, Little Critter!Mercer Mayer24
2003Frog Goes to DinnerMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2003Play It SafeMercer Mayer24
2003Christmas for Miss KittyMercer Mayer24
2003Little Christmas TreeMercer Mayer24
2003Just a ThunderstormMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2003When I Grow UpMercer Mayer24
2003The New PottyMercer Mayer24
2003Frog, Where Are You?Mercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2002No One Can PlayMercer Mayer24
2002Helping MomMercer Mayer24
2002Snow DayMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2002My Trip to the FarmMercer Mayer24
2002Field DayMercer Mayer24
2002A Yummy LunchMercer Mayer24
2002New Kid in TownMercer Mayer24
2002The New Fire TruckMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2002Grandma's GardenMercer Mayer24
2002Show and TellMercer Mayer24
2002Class TripMercer Mayer24
2002Beach DayMercer Mayer24
2002Just Not InvitedMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2002Play BallMercer Mayer24
2002Surprise!Mercer Mayer24
2002You're the Scaredy-CatMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2002Our Tree HouseMercer Mayer24
2002A Day at CampMercer Mayer24
2002Goodnight, Little CritterMercer Mayer24
2002My Trip to the ZooMercer Mayer24
2002Country FairMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2002Tiger's BirthdayMercer Mayer24
2001Just Me and My MomMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2001Just Me in the TubMercer Mayer24
2001Just Like DadMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2001Just a Bad DayMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2001Just My Friend and MeMercer Mayer24
2001Me Too!Mercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2001Just Grandma and MeMercer Mayer24
2001All By MyselfMercer Mayer24
2001Just Me and My DadMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2001Just Grandpa and MeMercer Mayer22
2001Just Going to the DentistMercer Mayer24
2001The New BabyMercer MayerC. Nahmad24
2001Just Say PleaseMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2000Just Camping OutMercer Mayer24
2000I'm SorryMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2000CowboyMercer Mayer10
2000SailorMercer Mayer
2000ConstructionMercer Mayer
2000DoctorMercer Mayer10
2000PolicemanMercer Mayer10
2000AstronautMercer Mayer10
2000I Smell ChristmasMercer Mayer
2000Little Critter's Spooky Halloween PartyMercer Mayer20
2000At the Beach With DadMercer Mayer24
2000I Was So MadRon MillerMercer Mayer24
2000This Is My BodyMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
2000The Best PresentMercer MayerMercer Mayer32
2000Just a MessMercer Mayer1
2000Baby Sister Says NoMercer Mayer24
1999When I Get BiggerMercer Mayer1
1999What a Bad DreamMercer Mayer24
1999I Just ForgotMercer Mayer1
1999The School PlayMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
1999Just a BullyMercer MayerMercer Mayer
1998Just for YouMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
1998Just Shopping with MomMercer Mayer32
1998Just Me and My PuppyMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
1998Little Critter at Scout CampMercer Mayer24
1998Just Me and My BabysitterMercer Mayer24
1996If You Dream a DragonMercer Mayer1
1996Little Sister's BraceletMercer Mayer
1996Bun Bun's BirthdayMercer Mayer32
1995Little Critter's The Night Before ChristmasMercer Mayer24
1995Bat Child's Haunted HouseMercer Mayer15
1995Little Critter ABC'sMercer Mayer28
1995Little Critter Jack and the BeanstalkMercer Mayer417
1995Little Critter's Little Red Riding Hood: A Lift-the-Flap BookMercer Mayer24
1995I Am HidingMercer Mayer32
1995I Am PlayingMercer Mayer20
1995I Am HelpingMercer Mayer1
1995I Am SharingMercer Mayer19
1994The Secret CodeMercer Mayer68
1992There's Something in My AtticMercer Mayer32
1991Just Me and My Little BrotherMercer MayerMercer Mayer24
1990Just a DaydreamMercer Mayer24
1990Just a Rainy DayMercer Mayer24
1989Little Critter's Christmas BookMercer Mayer44
1989Just a NapMercer Mayer24
1987There's an Alligator Under My BedMercer Mayer32
1987What Do You Do with a Kangaroo?Mercer MayerMercer Mayer48
1986Just Me & My Little SisterMercer Mayer24
1985Boy, a Dog, and a FrogMercer Mayer32
1982The Great Brain at the AcademyJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer176
1982Merry Christmas Mom and DadMercer Mayer24
1976Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks LikeJay WilliamsMercer Mayer27
1976The Great Brain Does It AgainJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer144
1975The Return of the Great BrainJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer150
1974The Great Brain ReformsJohn D. FitzgeraldMercer Mayer176
1968There's a Nightmare in My ClosetMercer MayerMercer Mayer32


C. Nahmad
Ron Miller
John D. Fitzgerald
Gina Mayer
Jay Williams


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