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Roger Priddy


Roger Priddy is the founder of Priddy books.

See Touch Feel: 123
My Little World: Let's Poop!
Pop and Play: Pop, Flip, Cook
Maze Book: Follow Me Fairy Tales
My Little World: How Do You Feel?: A Book About Emotions
On the Move: Drive Me
Fun Facts: On The Farm
My First Town
My Little World: Watch Me Grow
Turn the wheel: Odd Jobs
Alphaprints: Easter 123
See, Touch, Feel: Spring

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All Roger Priddy Books

2021See Touch Feel: 123Roger Priddy16
2020My Little World: Let's Poop!Roger Priddy8
2020Pop and Play: Pop, Flip, CookRoger Priddy10
2020Maze Book: Follow Me Fairy TalesRoger Priddy14
2020My Little World: How Do You Feel?: A Book About EmotionsRoger Priddy14
2020On the Move: Drive MeRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2020Fun Facts: On The FarmRoger PriddyRoger Priddy20
2020My First TownRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2020My Little World: Watch Me GrowRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2020Turn the wheel: Odd JobsRoger PriddyRoger Priddy8
2020Alphaprints: Easter 123Roger PriddyRoger Priddy16
2020See, Touch, Feel: SpringRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2020A Changing Picture Book: Chirp, ChirpRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2020See, Touch, Feel: ABCRoger PriddyRoger Priddy26
2019Alphaprints: Rocky Raccoon and other woodland friendsRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2019Alphaprints: Hungry Hippo and Other Safari AnimalsRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2019A Mischief of MonstersRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2019First 100 Animals PaddedRoger PriddyRoger Priddy24
2019First Book of Colors PaddedRoger PriddyRoger Priddy24
2019Fishy Fishy: A Changing Picture BookRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2019My Fun Farm Trip Lift-the-flapRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2018Picture Fit Board Books: A Caboodle of CuddlesRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2018Let's Pretend Chef's KitchenRoger PriddyRoger Priddy6
2018Maze Book: Follow My HeartRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2018Noisy Fire Truck Sound BookRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2018Noisy Tractor Sound BookRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2018See, Touch, FeelRoger PriddyRoger Priddy16
2018Santa Street Chunky SetRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2018Maze Book: Follow Me SantaRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2018The 12 Days of ChristmasRoger PriddyRoger Priddy24
2018Alphaprints First WordsRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2018P is for PuppyRoger PriddyRoger Priddy18
2018Maze Book: Follow Me HalloweenRoger PriddyRoger Priddy14
2018Alphaprints: Boo!Roger Priddy10
2018Maze Book: Follow Me Around the WorldRoger Priddy14
2018Where Does Pig Live?Roger Priddy10
2018Picture Fit Board Books: A Barnyard of FriendsRoger Priddy14
2018Toy Box of Shapes: A Touch-And-Learn Alphaprints BookRoger Priddy14
2018Picture Fit Board Books: A Toy Box of ShapesRoger Priddy14
2018Dinosaur Galore!Roger Priddy10
2018Dinosaur ABCRoger Priddy32
2018My Little Book of AnimalsRoger Priddy28
2017Traffic Jam of Trucks: A Colors BookRoger Priddy14
2017Stampede of Dinosaurs: An Opposites BookRoger Priddy14
2017Alphaprints Fun in the Sun!Roger Priddy10
2017Night Night FarmRoger Priddy20
2017Picture Fit Board Books: A Traffic Jam of TrucksRoger Priddy14
2016We are Better TogetherRoger Priddy20
2015Best Friends: We Are A FamilyRoger Priddy20
2015We Are a FamilyRoger Priddy20
2015We Are Best FriendsRoger Priddy20
2015Bright Baby: Happy ThanksgivingRoger PriddyRoger Priddy16
2015Little Friends: Barnyard Fun!: A Lift-The-Flap BookRoger Priddy12
2015Who's My Mom?Roger Priddy8
2015Alphaprints: ColorsRoger Priddy14
2015Little Friends: Big and SmallAmy A. Oliver, Barbi Sido, Natalie Munday, Roger PriddyAmy A. OliverBarbi SidoNatalie MundayRoger Priddy12
2015Little Alphaprints: WordsRoger Priddy10
2015Little Alphaprints: AnimalsRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2014Lift-The-Flap Tab: FarmRoger Priddy16
2014Little Friends: Happy BirthdayRoger PriddyRoger Priddy10
2013Alphaprints: ABCRoger Priddy26
2013Lift-The-Flap Tab: DollhouseRoger Priddy16
2013First 100 Words Bilingual: Primeras 100 PalabrasRoger Priddy16
2011Bright Baby Touch and Feel WinterRoger Priddy10
2011Numbers Colors ShapesRoger Priddy24
2011First 100 WordsRoger Priddy24
2008Bright Baby Bilingual Touch & Feel: Numbers: English-Spanish BilingualRoger Priddy10
2006Big Board First 100 Trucks and Things That GoRoger Priddy14
2006Happy Baby: Puppy & FriendsRoger Priddy8


Amy A. Oliver
Barbi Sido
Natalie Munday