Alais Capet Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Alais Capet
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    “You get Alais and you get the kingdom but I get the one thing I want most. If you’re king, England stays intact. I get that. It’s all yours now-the girl, the crown, the whole black bloody business. Isn’t that enough?”
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    “He’ll leave me if he has to; I know that.”
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    “Eleanor: After all the years of love, the hair I’ve brushed and braided and the tears I’ve kissed away, do you think I could bring myself to hurt you?
    Alais: Eleanor, with both hands tied behind you.”
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    “Alais: You saved them. You maneuvered it.
    Eleanor: Did I?
    Alais: They’re free because of you. They’ll kill him one day; you know that
    Eleanor: The next or the next.”