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    “The second act is called “The Turn”. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret... but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know.”
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    “I’ve always wanted her hair, though I’d never tell her that. Where hers is like fire, my hair is what we call river brown. Dark at the root, pale at the ends, as the color leeches from our hair with the stress of Stilts life. Most keep their hair short to hide their gray ends but I don’t. I like the reminder that even my hair knows life shouldn’t be this way.”
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    “Her sadness came off her and washed into me, and I pulled against the noose, wanting to go comfort her.”
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    “You can be passionate all you want, but if you can’t be the best at it or it doesn’t make economic sense, then you might have a lot of fun, but you won’t produce great results.”
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    “Individuals who want to believe that there is no fulfillment in love, that true love does not exist, cling to these assumptions because this despair is actually easier to face than the reality that love is a real fact of life but is absent from their lives.”
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    “True love does have the power to redeem but only if we are ready for redemption. Love saves us only if we want to be saved.”
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    “The very nature of Joy makes nonsense of our common distinction between having and wanting.”
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    “Yet, she said to herself, from the dawn of time odes have been sung to love; wreaths heaped and roses; and if you asked nine people out of ten they would say they wanted nothing but this—love”
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    “I want my own sort!”
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    “Yet who can presume to say what the War wants, so vast and aloof it is... so absentee.”
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    ‘I almost did not come, because I did not want to believe it.’ He smiled. ‘Now I know how to make you follow me everywhere.”
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    “Tonight, you taught me that no amount of my wanting you to have a life is the same as you wanting to have one. Now, I can help you get a life—I just can’t give you the desire to want one. So, when you want a life, call me.”
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    “Maybe you will never be able to forgive me, but I wanted you to know I had the best intentions-and I still love you in my own fucked-up way.”
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    “The hatred and the killing continues because they want it to. Or because they don’t want peace enough to stop it.”
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    “If you want one thing too much it’s likely to be a disappointment. The healthy way is to learn to like the everyday things, like soft beds and buttermilk—and feisty gentlemen.”
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    “I ain’t kin to nobody in this world...I don’t want to be. I won’t be.”
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    “And you told me you wanted children. That more than anything, you wanted to be a mother.”
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    “In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are.”
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    “This only was wanting. Now comes the night.”
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    “When we want something that bad, it’s easy to mistake what we truly need for the thing we really want. When this sort of thing happens, and it seems to happen to everyone, I’ve found it’s because what God has for us is obscured from view, just around another bend in the road.”

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    “There ain’t no way you can hold on to something that wants to go, you understand? You can only love what you got while you got it.”
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    “Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me?”
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    “But this dream of yours, this dream of being able to defer. Such a thing would always have been beyond us to grant, even at the height of our influence. I’m sorry, I can see what I’m saying won’t be welcome to you. But you mustn’t be dejected.”
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    “Sometimes we want what we want even if we know it’s going to kill us.”
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    “I want to convince you that you must learn to make every act count, since you are going to be here for only a short while, in fact, too short for witnessing all the marvels of it.”
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    “The more she ran, the more determined I was to follow.”
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    “Preceding accomplishment must be desire. Thy desires must be strong and definite.”
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    “all she wants
    is what she always wanted, only it’s
    getting further and further
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    “Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can have a rainbow without a little rain.”
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    “What you see reflects your thinking, and your thinking but reflects the choice of what you want to see.”
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    “Once a person knows a kiss and a kind word, you can’t blame him for never wanting to live without them again.”
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    “all the poets wanted to get disability insurance it was better than immortality.”
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    “She’d been taking care of his material needs for a good year and a half, and his emotional ones, to the extent he wanted them taken care of, for almost as long. ‘I love him as if I birthed him,’ she said.”
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    “The universe, I’d learned, was never, ever kidding. It would take whatever it wanted and it would never give it back.”
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    “But, I am, after all, a man. And all the philosophic rationalizations I can conjure up do not keep me from wanting you, every day, every moment, the merciless wail of time, of time I can never spend with you, deep within my head. I love you, profoundly and completely. And I always will.
    The last cowboy, Robert.”
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    “His heart hurt with the wanting of it, the hurt no less painful for being difficult to explain.”
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    “Now you’re looking for the secret, but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled.”
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    “If you are too busy to pray, you are busier than God wants you to be.”
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    “Things are sweeter when they’re lost. I know--because once I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted badly, Dot. And when I got it it turned to dust in my hands.”
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    “You want to know how I got these scars? I ripped every last piece of you out of my smile.”

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  1. #41
    “How I feel is that if I wanted anything I’d take it. That’s what I’ve always thought all my life. But it happens that I want you, and so I just haven’t room for any other desires.”
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    “You can’t have anything, you can’t have anything at all. Because desire just cheats you. It’s like a sunbeam skipping here and there about a room. It stops and gilds some inconsequential object, and we poor fools try to grasp it--but when we do the sunbeam moves on to something else, and you’ve got the inconsequential part, but the glitter that made you want it is gone--”
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    “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”
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    “You get Alais and you get the kingdom but I get the one thing I want most. If you’re king, England stays intact. I get that. It’s all yours now-the girl, the crown, the whole black bloody business. Isn’t that enough?”
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    “I had a dream about you. We couldn’t decide on a sunrise. You wanted a tan, I only cared about the view. Then World War III fulfilled both our desires.”
  6. #46
    “God does hear what we pray. You don’t need a megaphone or a million people to get His attention. But the point of prayer is not to get what we want. Prayer changes the person who prays.”
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    “I will be good . . . Please let me out. I will be good!”
  8. #48
    “I don’t want salvation, I want life, all of life, the miserable as well as the superb.”
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    “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: We all want everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”
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    “This is what love does: It makes you want to rewrite the world. It makes you want to choose the characters, build the scenery, guide the plot.”
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    “The person you love sits across from you, and you want to do everything in your power to make it possible, endlessly possible. And when it’s just the two of you, alone in a room, you can pretend that this is how it is, this is how it will be.”
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    “Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.”
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    “Because when something happens, she’s the person I want to tell. The most basic indicator of love.”
  4. #54
    “Because I’m doing this one by the book ... and because I don’t want to.”
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    “I have no use for divine patience -
    My lips are now burning and everywhere.
    I am running from every corner of this earth and sky
    Wanting to kiss you.”
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    “Don’t ever wait around for your life. Go get what you want. Because believe me, no one’s going to give it to you.”
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    “I want you, Leah. I’ve always wanted you. But wanting isn’t enough. You have to fight for it too, and you’re not going to.”
  9. #59
    “A person didn’t need to be beautiful, they just needed to be loved. But I couldn’t help wanting it.”
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    “The enemy wants to steal our peace and keep us stirred up, anxious, fearful, upset, and always in a stance of waiting for something terrible to happen at any minute.”
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