Amos McGee Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Amos McGee
“It’s getting late, after all, we have a morning bus to catch.”
“So Amos said goodnight to the elephant. And goodnight to the tortoise. And goodnight to the penguin. And goodnight to the rhinoceros. And goodnight to the owl, who- knowing that Amos was afraid of the dark- read a story aloud before turning out the light.”
“The rhinoceros was ready with a handkerchief.”
“The penguin sat quietly, keeping Amos’s feet warm.”
“The elephant prepared a game of chess. Amos thought and thought before making a move. “
“One day Amos awoke with the sniffles, and the sneezes, and the chills. He swung his achy legs out of bed, curled them back again and said, ‘Ugh. I don’t think I’ll be going to work today.’ ”
“The tortoise hid inside his shell. Amos hid beneath the covers.”
“Hooray! My good friends are here!”
“Meanwhile at the zoo… the animals waited for their friend.”
“He would play chess with the elephant (who though an though before make a move), run races with the tortoise (who never ever lost), sit quietly with the penguin (who was very shy), lend a handkerchief to the rhinoceros (who always had a runny nose), and, at sunset, read stories to the owl (who was afraid of the dark). ”
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