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11 of the best book quotes about routines
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    “Every morning, no matter how late he had been up, my father rose at 5:30, went to his study, wrote for a couple of hours, made us all breakfast, read the paper with my mother, and then went back to work for the rest of the morning. Many years passed before I realized that he did this by choice, for a living, and that he was not unemployed or mentally ill.”
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    “These were her rituals, the routines that made her feel alive and connected. Without them, where would she be? Lost.”
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    “A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else.”
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    “Is it wrong, wanting to be at home with your record collection? It’s not like collecting records is like collecting stamps, or beermats, or antique thimbles. ”
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    “The more you get set into your own world, the smaller your world becomes.”
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    “My schedule for today lists a six-hour self-accusatory depression.”
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    “What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”
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    “It was true; always had been. Friendships were like marriages in that way. Routines and patterns were poured early and hardened like cement.”
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    “For how imperiously, how coolly, in disregard of all one’s feelings, does the hard, cold, uninteresting course of daily realities move on! Still we must eat, and drink, and sleep, and wake again, - still bargain, buy, sell, ask and answer questions, - pursue, in short, a thousand shadows, though all interest in them be over; the cold, mechanical habit of living remaining, after all vital interest in it has fled.”
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    “Rising, street-car, four hours in the office or the factory, meal, street-car, four hours of work, meal, sleep, and Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday according to the same rhythm—this path is easily followed most of the time. But one day the “why” arises and everything begins in that weariness tinged with amazement.”
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    “If I saw someone across the street who did the things to me that I routinely do to me, I’d run in the opposite direction. But I can’t, can I?”