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Three of the best book quotes about background
“Wabi-sabi-ness in no way depends on knowledge of the creator’s background or personality. In fact, it is best if the creator is no distinction, invisible, or anonymous.”
At the same time, The New Policeman is irresistibly Irish, as if you can hear an Irish accent in the narration (or hear a jig or two in the background). The book’s “Irish-ness” is enhanced by Thompson’s integration of Irish mythology and folklore; a glossary in the back explains the pronunciation and origin of especially Irish words like ceili (a dance) or craic (fun).
The incorporation of background images and settings tells the reader that this book is indeed taking place in a foreign country, and there are words from the African language translated in portions of the book. Despite the obvious African setting, this is a universal story that could take place in any country to any little girl. The colors in this book are stunning, and the story heartwarming.
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