being awakened Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about being awakened
“He felt very content. Just as he was dropping off to sleep his eyes snapped open. He had thought he heard a little noise... but no. All was quiet. His eyes closed again. In the morning there was no doubt about it. The noise actually woke him.”
“Mrs. Duncan sat down on the rock. The warmth of his own mother sitting on him woke Sylvester up from his deep winter sleep.”
He thinks they are at the pool and he is determined to fearlessly cannonball into the pool and make a big loud splash that would wake the Colonel and he would be running ahead and lead them home and they would admire him and he would be in charge for the first time ever. That was what he hoped for anyway, but instead, he finds they aren’t there and the Colonel busts him and takes him home.
“Bruce was awakened by a sharp peck on the head, and with an angry growl that came out like a squeak he reared up all ready to fight. But when he found himself nose to beak with a giant of a quail Bruce backed off to gape in amazement.”
“Assure yourselves, O King and Queen, that you daughter shall not die of this disaster. it is true, I have no power to undo entirely what my elder has done. The Princess shall indeed pierce her hand with a spindle; but, instead of dying, she shall only fall into a profound sleep, which shall last one hundred years, at the expiration of which a King’s son shall come and awake her.”
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