Bernard Mickey Wrangle Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Bernard Mickey Wrangle
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    “Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won’t adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is sign on as its accomplice.”
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    “Well, you may get off on being a beautiful stereotype, regardless of the social consequences, but my conscience won’t allow it.”
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    “If you’re honest, you sooner or later have to confront your values. Then you’re forced to separate what is right from what is merely legal.”
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    “I’m as capable of rescuing you as you are of rescuing me.”
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    “People who sacrifice beauty for efficiency get what they deserve.”
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    “There are only two mantras, yum and yuck, mine is yum.”
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    “Woodpecker’s the name, and outlawing’s the game. I’m wanted in fifty states and Mexico. It’s nice to feel wanted, and I’d like to be wanted by you. In fact, I just blew my disguise in the hopes that it would open your eyes and soften your heart.”
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    “The difference between a criminal and an outlaw is that while criminals frequently are victims, outlaws never are. Indeed, the first step toward becoming a true outlaw is the refusal to be victimized.”

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