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“you know the old saying: it’s all a matter of taste and either they’re right and I’m wrong or I’m right and they’re all wrong or maybe it’s some place in between.”
“Chicken is Good! It tastes like chicken.”
“Some people will always taste like fire and leave the ones that love them tasting like ash.”
“Fall in love with someone who tastes like adventure but looks like the calm, beautiful morning after a terrible storm”
“Nothing I had ever drunk had ever tasted like that before: rich and warm and perfectly happy in my mouth. I remembered that milk after I had forgotten about everything else.”
“Taste the berries and forget about falling off the cliff”
“I eat words! Delicious words! I gobble the words that you make. Words like rod taste like turds, but billow tastes like cake.”
“We went out to this place that Marty said served the best electrolyte chunkies, but it had closed a year before. It was dinnertime, so we had dinner at a J.P. Barnum’s Family Extravaganza, which was pretty good, and just like the one at home. We got some potato skins for appetizers.”
“A crude meal, no doubt, but the best of all sauces is hunger.”
“He could still taste her lips from when he’d kissed her in the restroom. He’d never forget it. The sweet sourness of Red Bull, coffee, and the bacteria on her teeth. The humility of it, the realness of a pretty girl with bad breath.”
“There are only two mantras, yum and yuck, mine is yum.”
Dish and Spoon become rich and famous vaudeville stars—until their taste for the high life puts them in debt to a gang of sharp and shady characters (depicted as evil knives)
Dish and Spoon become rich and famous vaudeville stars—until their taste for the high life puts them in debt to a gang of sharp and shady characters (depicted as evil knives)
“The market was just as Peter told it would be. And the green straw hat tasted just as good as she thought it would be.”
“Scrambled eggs always taste always the same. And that’s because ever since goodness knows when, they’ve always been made from the eggs of a hen. Just a plain common hen! What a dumb thing to use with all the other fine eggs you could choose!
“They tasted just like... well, they tasted exactly, exactly like ... like Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-dee-Booper, Special de luxe a-la-Peter T. Hooper.”
“Little Bear padded up and peeked into her pail. Of course, he only wanted to taste a few of what was inside, but there were so many and they were so close together, that he tasted a Tremendous Mouthful by mistake. ‘Now, Sal,’ said Little Sal’s mother without turning around, ‘you run along and pick your own berries. Mother wants to can these for next winter.’ Little Bear tasted another Tremendous Mouthful, and almost spilled the entire pail of blueberries.”
″‘You is trying to change the subject,’ the Giant said sternly. ‘We is having an interesting babblement about the taste of the human bean. The human bean is not a vegetable.‘”
“I missed Conan Doyle, he pined for his Keats We’re book lice fine mates despite different tastes.”
″‘You see, now,’ observed Geppetto, ‘that I was right when I said to you that it did not do to accustom ourselves to be too particular or too dainty in our tastes. We can never know, my dear boy, what may happen to us.”
″ ‘Well’, said Frances, ‘there are many different things to eat and they taste many different ways. But when I have bread and jam I always know what I am getting, and I am always pleased.’ ”
“Oh, how good everything tasted in that bower, with the fresh wind rustling the poplar leaves, sunshine and sweet woods smells about them, and birds singing overhead! No grown-up dinner party ever had half so much fun. Each mouthful was a pleasure; and when the last crumb had vanished, Katy produced the second basket...”
“Presently my little sister began to wonder if the ring would taste as sparkly as it looked. It was sparklier than fizzy lemonade. So of course she put the ring in her mouth, and of course it didn’t taste like lemonade at all.”
“A great big enormous trout came up-kerpflop-p-p-p! with a splash-and it seized Mr. Jeremy with a snap, ‘Ow! Ow! Ow!’ - and then it turned and dived down to the bottom of the pond! But the trout was so displeased with the taste of macintosh, that in less than half a minute it spat him out again; and the only thing it swallowed was Mr. Jeremy’s goloshes.”
“To signify class, good taste, the kind of breeding that cannot be bought.”
“Take a bite and I am positive you will be shouting out oh how scrumdiddlyuptious this wonderveg is!”

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