Big Bear Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Big Bear
“Once there were two bears. Big Bear and Little Bear. Big Bear is the big bear, and Little Bear is the little bear.”
″ ‘Look at the dark, Little Bear.’ And Little Bear looked. ‘I’ve brought you the moon, Little Bear,’ said Big Bear. ‘The bright yellow moon and all the twinkly stars.’ ”
“But Little Bear didn’t say anything, for he had gone to sleep, warm and safe in Big Bears arms.”
“Big Bear settled in the Bear Chair and read his Bear Book, by the light of the fire.”
“Big Bear saw that Little Bear was right. Big Bear was puzzled. All the lanterns in the world couldn’t light up the dark outside.”
“Big Bear looked, and he saw that the dark part of the cave was very dark, so he went to the Lantern Cupboard and took out the tiniest lantern that was there.”
″ ‘I’m scared,’ said Little Bear. ‘Why are you scared, Little Bear?’ asked Big Bear. ‘I don’t like the dark,’ said Little Bear. ‘What dark?’ said Big Bear. ‘The dark all around us,’ said Little Bear.”
″ ‘Where are we going?’ asked Little Bear. ‘Out!’ said Big Bear. ‘Out into the darkness?’ said Little Bear. ‘Yes!’ said Big Bear. ‘But I’m scared of the dark!’ said Little Bear.”
″ ‘I’ve brought you the Biggest Lantern of Them All!’ he told Little Bear. ‘That’s to keep you from being scared!’ ‘Thank you, Big Bear,’ said Little Bear, curling up in the glow and watching the shadows dance.”
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