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“Eternity felt very big and very slow, especially when I couldn’t share it with the cat. The only thing that helped was the chain saw that Waldemar Buck used to carve up the afternoon. It wailed over the rooftops, and I imagined that with each wail a little piece of eternity fell from heaven.”
″ ‘I’ve brought you the Biggest Lantern of Them All!’ he told Little Bear. ‘That’s to keep you from being scared!’ ‘Thank you, Big Bear,’ said Little Bear, curling up in the glow and watching the shadows dance.”
″ ‘You’re too big to huddle and cuddle,’ he said. ‘And I’ll never fit both of us into my bed.’ ”
“The biggest risk is to take no risk. Or to take crazy risks.”
“Frog hid behind a rock. He saw the thing coming. It was big and brown. It was covered with sticks and leaves. It had two horns.”
“Later on, the Postman, Feeling hot, Came upon a ‘grandma’ in a shady spot; But ‘Grandma’- What big teeth you’ve got!”
“I don’t care. You can keep your small dogs. You can keep all your black, white, brown, and spotted dogs.”
“But I have the biggest, reddest dog on our street. This is my dog --- Clifford. ”
“We play hide-and-seek. I’m a good hide-and-seek players. I can find Clifford, no matter where he hides.”
“Oh. I know he’s not perfect. He has some bad habits. He runs after cars. He catches some of them.”
“Then he noticed that his clothes were getting too big...he tripped on his trousers which indeed did seem to be getting longer and longer.”
“Doctor De Soto was especially popular with the big animals. He was able to work inside their mouths, wearing rubbers to keep his feet dry, and his fingers were so delicate, and his drill so dainty, they could hardly feel any pain.”
“We tried out big chairs and smaller ones, high chairs and low chairs, soft chairs and harder ones. Grandma said she felt like Goldilocks in “The Three Bears” trying out all the chairs.”
“She meowed her biggest meow, very sudden and very, very loud. The man was surprised He dropped his bag. It made a big noise and everyone in the house woke up.”
“We tried out big chairs and smaller ones, high chairs and low chairs, soft chairs and harder ones. Grandma said she felt like Goldilocks in “The Three Bears” trying out all the chairs.”
“Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy and Hercules Morse as big as a horse with Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy”
“Thomas was a cheeky little engine, too. He thought no engine worked as hard as he did. So he used to play tricks on them. He liked best of all to come quietly beside a big engine dozing on the siding and make him jump.”
“Or he made fancy figure 8′s. He liked to make bigger and bigger ones. One day, carried away by the joy of it, he made one so big it took up the whole river.”
“She saw something big and dark. ‘Giants are big and dark’, she thought. ‘Maybe that is a giant. I think it is a giant. I think that giant wants to get me.’ ”
″ ‘S is for sailboat. T is for tiger. U is for underwear, down in the drier…’ Frances stopped because ‘drier’ did not sound like ‘tiger’. She started to think about tigers. She thought about big tigers and little tigers, baby tigers and mother and father tigers, sister tigers and brother tigers, aunt tigers and uncle tigers.”
“TooooooooooooT! It is sailing time. A tiny tugboat pushes the big ocean liner away from the pier. Bon voyage! The big ship sails out of the harbor. Soon it is crossing the wide ocean. There is no land in sight.”
“But let’s keep big feelings from becoming big actions.”
“Mother, there is a big, roaring, yellow, whiskery lion in the meadow!”
“Just as he was looking to see if he had anything left to eat, something hit him on the head. It was a tangerine. He had been sleeping right under a tree full of big, fat tangerines.”
“And so they swam in the cool morning water and in the midday sun and chased the big fish away.”
“We are going to swim all together like the biggest fish in the sea!”
“Bad Harry said, ‘Now we made the trifle look so untidy, no one else will want any, so we may as well eat it all up’. So they dug away into the spongy inside of the trifle and found lots of nice fruit bits inside. It was a very big trifle,but those greedy children ate and ate.”
“At the landing-stage waited a real boat, a canoe at least ten feet long.”
“When I left I promised I’d try to help him someday, although I couln’t see how. The rope around his neck is about the biggest, toughest rope you can imagine, with so many knots it would take days to untie them all.”
“Never again did he tease any little cat. He saved his rough tricks for the cats as big as he was. As for the little cats, he tried not to tease them but to please them. This was the beginning of his education.”
“That means that today you’ve become a big girl. Everybody’s baby teeth get loose and come out when they grow up. A nice new bigger and better tooth will grow in when this one comes out.”
“This little baby was the funniest wee creature. He was only about an inch long and covered with soft baby fur, had two big ears, compared to the size of the rest of him, a tiny black nose, and two beady eyes. His mother and father always had a surprised look on their faces, but they looked more surprised than ever now as they gazed at their baby.”
“When you and I Grow Up When you and I Grow up-Polly- I mean that you and me, Shall go sailing in a big ship Right over all the sea. We’ll wait till we are older, For if we went to-day, You know that we might lose ourselves, And never find the way.”
“A great big enormous trout came up-kerpflop-p-p-p! with a splash-and it seized Mr. Jeremy with a snap, ‘Ow! Ow! Ow!’ - and then it turned and dived down to the bottom of the pond! But the trout was so displeased with the taste of macintosh, that in less than half a minute it spat him out again; and the only thing it swallowed was Mr. Jeremy’s goloshes.”
“Big is the same as small. There’s just more of it.”
“Never underestimate the big importance of small things.”

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