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29 of the best book quotes about dark
″ ‘Look at the dark, Little Bear.’ And Little Bear looked. ‘I’ve brought you the moon, Little Bear,’ said Big Bear. ‘The bright yellow moon and all the twinkly stars.’ ”
“Big Bear saw that Little Bear was right. Big Bear was puzzled. All the lanterns in the world couldn’t light up the dark outside.”
“Big Bear looked, and he saw that the dark part of the cave was very dark, so he went to the Lantern Cupboard and took out the tiniest lantern that was there.”
″ ‘I’m scared,’ said Little Bear. ‘Why are you scared, Little Bear?’ asked Big Bear. ‘I don’t like the dark,’ said Little Bear. ‘What dark?’ said Big Bear. ‘The dark all around us,’ said Little Bear.”
″ ‘Where are we going?’ asked Little Bear. ‘Out!’ said Big Bear. ‘Out into the darkness?’ said Little Bear. ‘Yes!’ said Big Bear. ‘But I’m scared of the dark!’ said Little Bear.”
“Then he looked beyond the thornbushes, out into the big dark night. Nothing could be farther than the sky.”
″ ‘What if the moon melts, and the world goes dark?’ he asked.”
“Mop was in a boat sailing in a sparkly blue sea... but it was a bit dark and quiet. It wasn’t quite right.”
″‘Kit, do you s’pose we’ve got to be married?’ ‘It looks like it,’ said Kit. Things seemed very dark indeed to the twins.”
“One dark and stormy night, Mo hears her Inner Voice urging her to begin writing her memoirs.
“ ‘Perhaps a nice dark hole would be good,’ thought Kipper. ‘The rabbits seem to like them.’
“She was very sad. The garden was dark. The house was dark too. Mog sat in the dark and thought dark thoughts. She thought, ‘Nobody likes me. They’ve all gone to bed. There’s no one to let me in. And they haven’t even given me my supper’. “
“Drac fights off the Gremlin’s treacherous attach with her ultra-laser beam. She chases him into the quivering jungles, across the bubbling seas, and through the dark and poisonous fumes of the black volcano.”
“But then a sudden terrible silence like suffocation came, blotting out all sound of the storm. In the moment of its last desperate chance, breaking across the barrier that had been holding it at bay, the Dark came for Will. Shutting out the sky and the earth, the deadly spinning pillar came at him, dreadful in its furious whirling energy and utter quiet. There was no time for fear. Will stood alone. ”
“I will tell you only this: that you are one of the Old Ones, the first to have been born for five hundred years, and the last. And like all such, you are bound by nature to devote yourself to the long conflict between the Light and the Dark.”
“He could feel the force now very strong, very close, all around, the air was thick with it; outside the church was destruction and chaos, the heart of the Dark, and he could think of nothing that he could do to turn it aside.”
“And then suddenly it stopped, and he was left standing dazed with his nose almost touching a very ordinary beech twig. He knew then that the Dark had its own way of putting even an Old One outside Time for a space, if they needed a space for their own magic.”
“She saw something big and dark. ‘Giants are big and dark’, she thought. ‘Maybe that is a giant. I think it is a giant. I think that giant wants to get me.’ ”
“Did you ever hear of Mickey, how he heard a racket in the night and shouted, ‘Quiet down there!’ and fell through the dark, out his clothes, past the moon & his mama & papa sleeping tight into the light of the night kitchen?”
“Soon, it would be dark. ‘Even if I turn back and run all the way, I can never get home before Papa! He’s going to take me out of school and make me go down the pits.‘”
“Once I knew a little girl, Who wouldn’t go to bed, And in the morning always had A very sleepy head. At night she’d stop up on the stairs, And hold the railings tight Then with a puff she’d try to blow Out Mary Ann’s rushlight. The bed at last they tuck’d her in. The light she vowed to keep; Left in the dark she roar’d and cried; Till tired she went to sleep.”
“Everything about the school was dark and shadowy. There were long, narrow corridors and winding staircases- and of course there were the girls themselves, dressed in black gymslips, black stockings, black hob-nailed boots, grey shirts and black-and-grey ties. Even their summer dresses were black-and-grey checked.”
“To tell you the truth, Mildred was afraid of the dark, but don’t tell anyone. I mean, whoever heard of a witch who was scared of the dark?”
Children relate to Shane automatically (due to his being around 8 – 10 years old) and can relate to the fear of being on the one hand stubborn (as many children are at that age!) and on the other hand unable to support oneself and needing the security of your parents.
″‘Night here,’ he said, ‘is so dark, so terribly dark, that it is impossible for a mere bird to survive one glimpse of it.‘”
“Ping hid behind the grasses, and as the dark came and the pale moon shone in the sky Ping watched the wise eyed boat slowly sail away down the Yangtze river.”
“Alfanhui knew about firewood. He knew which kinds of wood gave off sad flames and which gave off joyful flames, those that made strong, dark fires or those that made bright, dancing fires, those that left female embers to warm the dreams of cats or others that left male embers to bring repose to hunting dogs.”
“Windy Nights Whenever the moon and stars are set, Whenever the wind is high, All night long in the dark and wet, A man goes riding by, Late in the night when the fires are out, Why does he gallop and gallop about? Whenever the trees are crying aloud, And ships are tossed at sea, By, on the highway, low and loud, By at the gallop goes he, By at the gallop he goes, and then By he comes back at the gallop again.”
“It’s bad enough that I’m the darkest, worst-dressed thing in school. I’m also the tallest, skinniest thing you ever seen. And people like John-John remind me of it every chance they get. They don’t say nothing about the fact that I’m a math whiz, and can outdo ninth graders when it comes to figuring numbers. Or that I got a good memory and never forget one single, solitary thing I read. They only see what they see, and they don’t seem to like what they see much.”

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