desparate Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about desparate
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    “Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.”
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    “The moment of truth had arrived. When she set foot on the island, either she would transform into a cloud of dandelion fluff and drift away, or she wouldn’t. Almost indifferent at this point, Kendra leaped out of the boat and landed on the shore.”
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    “They would not understand why people like him, who were raised well fed and watered but mired in dissatisfaction, conditioned from birth to look towards somewhere else, eternally convinced that real lives happened in that somewhere else, were now resolved to do dangerous things . . . none of them starving . . . but merely hungry for choice and certainty.”
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    “It was a moment in which he felt a desperate need to believe in a God that shepherded his own creations.”