Rupi Kaur Quotes

40 of the best book quotes from Rupi Kaur
  1. #1
    “i am water
    soft enough
    to offer life
    tough enough
    to drown it away”
  2. #2
    “i am hopelessly
    a lover and
    a dreamer and
    that will be the
    death of me”
  3. #3
    “my heart woke me crying last night
    how can i help i begged
    my heart said
    write the book”
  4. #4
    “The thing about writing is I can’t tell if it’s healing or destroying.”
  5. #5
    “how is it so easy for you
    to be kind to people he asked
    milk and honey dripped
    from my lips as i answered
    cause people have not
    been kind to me”
  6. #6
    “i have
    what i have
    and i am happy
    i’ve lost
    what i’ve lost
    and i am
    - outlook”
  7. #7
    “if you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise”
  8. #8
    “stay strong through your pain
    grow flowers from it
    you have helped me
    grow flowers out of mine so
    bloom beautifully
    bloom softly
    however you need
    just bloom”
  9. #9
    “the world gives you so much pain
    and here you are making gold out of it
    - there is nothing purer than that”
  10. #10
    “love will come
    and when love comes
    love will hold you
    love will call your name
    and you will melt
    sometimes though
    love will hurt you but
    love will never mean to
    love will play no games
    cause love knows life
    has been hard enough already”
  1. #11
    “do not look for healing
    at the feet of those
    who broke you”
  2. #12
    “you look at me and cry
    everything hurts
    i hold you and whisper
    but everything can heal”
  3. #13
    “you tell me to quiet down cause my opinions make me less beautiful but i was not made with a fire in my belly so i could be put out i was not made with a lightness on my tongue so i could be easy to swallow i was made heavy half blade and half silk difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow”
  4. #14
    “Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.”
  5. #15
    “how you love yourself is
    how you teach others
    to love you”
  6. #16
    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”
  7. #17
    “for you to see beauty here
    does not mean
    there is beauty in me
    it means there is beauty rooted
    so deep within you
    you can’t help but
    see it everywhere”
  8. #18
    “i am a museum full of art
    but you had your eyes shut”
  9. #19
    “you cannot leave
    and have me too
    i cannot exist in
    two places at once
    -when you ask if we can still be friends”
  10. #20
    “people go but how they left always stays”

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  1. #21
    “if i am the longest relationship
    of my life
    isn’t it time to
    nurture intimacy
    and love
    with the person
    i lie in bed with each night
  2. #22
    “the universe took its time on you
    crafted you precisely
    so you could offer the world
    something distinct from everyone else
    so when you doubt
    how you were created
    you doubt an energy greater than us both”
  3. #23
    “i notice everything i do not have
    and decide it is beautiful”
  4. #24
    “it was when i stopped searching for home within others
    and lifted the foundations of home within myself
    i found there were no roots more intimate
    than those between a mind and body
    that have decided to be whole”
  5. #25
    it is possible
    to hate and love someone
    at the same time
    i do it to myself
    every day”
  6. #26
    are man-made
    they only divide us physically
    don’t let them make us
    turn on each other
    -we are not enemies”
  7. #27
    “i stand
    on the sacrifices
    of a million women before me
    what can i do
    to make this mountain taller
    so the women after me
    can see farther
  8. #28
    “a lot of times
    we are angry at other people
    for not doing what
    we should have done ourselves”
  9. #29
    “i made change after change
    on the road to perfection
    but when i finally felt beautiful enough
    their definition of beauty
    suddenly changed
    what if there is no finish line
    and in an attempt to keep up
    i lose the gifts i was born with
    for a beauty so insecure
    it can’t commit to itself
    -the lies they sell”
  10. #30
    “i will no longer compare
    my path to others
    -i refuse to do a disservice to my life”
  1. #31
    “I think love starts here
    everything else is just desire and projections
    of all our wants needs and fantasies
    but those externalities could never work out
    if we didn’t turn inward and learn
    how to love ourselves in order to love other people”
  2. #32
    “we have been dying
    since we got here
    and forgot to enjoy the view
    -live fully”
  3. #33
    “what is stronger
    than the human heart
    which shatters over and over
    and still lives”
  4. #34
    “despite knowing
    they won’t be here for long
    they still choose to live
    their brightest lives
  5. #35
    “perhaps we are all immigrants
    trading one home for another
    first we leave the womb for air
    then the suburbs for the filthy city
    in search of a better life
    some of us just happen to leave entire countries”
  6. #36
    “like the rainbow
    after the rain
    joy will reveal itself
    after sorrow”
  7. #37
    “this is the recipe of life
    said my mother
    as she held me in her arms as i wept
    think of those flowers you plant
    in the garden each year
    they will teach you
    that people too
    must wilt
    in order to bloom”
  8. #38
    when snow falls
    i long for grass
    when grass grows
    i walk all over it
    when leaves change color
    i long for flowers
    when flowers bloom
    i pick them
  9. #39
    “the right one does not
    stand in your way
    they make space for you
    to step forward”
  10. #40
    “what is the greatest lesson a woman should learn
    that since day one
    she’s already had everything she needs within herself
    it’s the world that convinced her she did not”

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