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Five of the best book quotes about dull conversations
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    “A warrior seeks to act, and not waste time in useless conversation,”
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    “There you are,” Cardan says as I take my place beside him. “How has the night been going for you? Mine has been full of dull conversation about how my head is going to find itself on a spike.”
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    ″‘Well, first of all, they are very beautiful,’ said Peregrine, leaning back against a tree trunk and ticking off the points on his fingers. ‘Then secondly and thirdly and fourthly, they all have long golden hair, blue eyes, and the most lovely complexions. Fifthly and sixthly, they are graceful and accomplished. Sev enthly, they have names like Persephone, Sapphire, and Roxanne. And lastly,’ said Peregrine, running out of fingers, ‘they are all excessively proper and extremely dull ... except when they are make-believe princesses who are really kitchen maids!‘”
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    “We just never said anything to each other. Over a period of four months, we must have talked for thirty or thirty-five evenings without saying a word.”
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    “Ever since their relationship has changed from what it had been into what it now is, their conversations have become both more intimate and more mundane…the daily mapmaking that keeps their life together inching along.”