Leah Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Leah
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    “Excuse me. I am a sacred vessel, alright? All you’ve got in your stomach is Taco Bell.”
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    “I was always half-eaten away by the respect and happiness when I opened the door for Leah.”
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    “When I looked at Leah again, her beauty seemed too great for the size of the room. The only way to make room for it was to speak of it.”
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    “Her English, like my German, was nearly all holes. Yet invariably I spoke her language and she mine, although any other arrangement at all might have made for a less perforated means of communication.”
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    “When she sat down, she did the only sensible thing with her beautiful hands there was to be done: she placed them on her lap and left them there. In brief, she was probably the first appreciable thing of beauty I had seen that struck me as wholly legitimate.”
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    “We just never said anything to each other. Over a period of four months, we must have talked for thirty or thirty-five evenings without saying a word.”
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    “There was something fantastic and extremely heady about seeing her standing in the pedestrian lobby of the Schwedenkino, and I readily gave up my place in the box-office queue to go to speak to her. But as I charged across the lobby toward her over a number of innocent feet, I saw that she was neither alone nor with a girl friend or someone old enough to be her father.”
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    “I found out soon after we met that Leah’s father had promised her in marriage to some young Pole. ”
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    “She had immense eyes that always seemed in danger of capsizing in their own innocence.”
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    “The way the profile of her face and body refracted in the soupy twilight made me feel a little drunk. When a few seconds had throbbed by, I said hello to her.”