Eleanor Bishop Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Eleanor Bishop
“And I thought: now there is no turning back. No more regrets for what I haven’t done. I love him, I hate myself; I love myself, I hate him. This is the end of a long story.”
“There is no such thing as unforgiveable between people who love each other.”
“I love the way library books smell: more important than regular books, a grand olden-days smell, like the steps of a marble palace, or a senator.”
“Every single time I see the ocean, even if I’ve been there in the morning, it feels like a new miracle—its power, its blueness always just as overwhelming. Like falling in love.”
“We drag our past behind us like a weight, still shackled, but far enough back that we never have to see, never have to openly acknowledge who we once were.”
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