Emily Climbs Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Emily Climbs
“Oh- beauty- Emily shivered with the pure ecstasy of it. She loved it- it filled her being tonight as never before.”
“It was a lovely afternoon - such an afternoon as only September can produce when summer has stolen back for one more day of dream and glamour.”
“Lovely thoughts came flying to meet me like birds. They weren’t my thoughts. I couldn’t think anything half so exquisite. They came from somewhere.”
“Don’t let them make anything of you but yourself, that’s all.”
“The world is always young again for just a few moments at the dawn.”
″‘The boys like me as a pal but I don’t believe anyone will ever really fall in love with me.’ ‘Nonsense,’ said Emily reassuringly. ‘Nine out of ten men will fall in love with you.’ ‘But it will be the tenth I’ll want,’ persisted Ilse gloomily.”
“Fear is a vile thing, and is at the bottom of almost every wrong and hatred of the world.”
“No one can be free who has a thousand ancestors.”
“Well, it all comes to this, there’s no use trying to live in other people’s opinions. The only thing to do is to live in our own.”
“Such moments come rarely in any life, but when they do come they are inexpressibly wonderful - as if the finite were for a second infinity - as if humanity were for a space uplifted into divinity - as if all ugliness had vanished, leaving only flawless beauty.”
“At life’s banquet of success I may not be the guest of honor, but I’ll be among those present.”
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