Farmer Alfalfa Quotes

Three of the best book quotes from Farmer Alfalfa
“Farmer Alfalfa grows all kinds of food. He keeps some of it for his family. He sells the rest to Grocer Cat in exchange for money. Grocer Cat will sell the food to other people in Busytown.”
“Then Alfalfa went to Blacksmith Fox’s shop. He had saved enough money to buy a new tractor. The new tractor will make his farm work easier. With it, he will be able to grow more food than he could grow before. He also bought some presents for Mommy and his son, Alfred.”
“Each ear of corn has many seed kernels. Alfalfa knew that he would need seeds to plant at the next corn-planting time. So he put some kernels in a bag to save for planting. He kept some ears to eat himself.”
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