Richard Scarry Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Richard Scarry
“We all live in Busytown and we are all workers. We work hard so that there will be enough food and houses and clothing for our families.”
“Farmer Alfalfa grows all kinds of food. He keeps some of it for his family. He sells the rest to Grocer Cat in exchange for money. Grocer Cat will sell the food to other people in Busytown.”
“Then Alfalfa went to Blacksmith Fox’s shop. He had saved enough money to buy a new tractor. The new tractor will make his farm work easier. With it, he will be able to grow more food than he could grow before. He also bought some presents for Mommy and his son, Alfred.”
“Grocer Cat bought a new dress for Mommy. She earned it by taking such good care of the house. He also bought a present for his son, Huckle. Huckle was a very good helper today.”
“A truck brought furniture, a television set, a radio, rugs, pictures, a stove and lots of other things. The house was ready for the new family. At last the new family has arrived! Look! It is Stitches, the tailor! Stitches paid the workmen for building the house.”
“Betsy Bear wrote a letter to Grandma to wish her a Happy Birthday. She went to the post office to mail it. She bought an airmail stamp and stuck it on the envelope. She put the letter in the letter slot. ”
“Good Morning! Good Morning! The sun is up! Wash! Brush! Comb! Dress! Get up! There is a lot of work to be done!”
“TooooooooooooT! It is sailing time. A tiny tugboat pushes the big ocean liner away from the pier. Bon voyage! The big ship sails out of the harbor. Soon it is crossing the wide ocean. There is no land in sight.”
“Water is used to put fires out. The water runs through the pipes under the street. The firemen attached a hose between the water hydrant and the pumper engine. The pumper engine got water from the hydrant and squirted it out through the hose nozzle.”
“Each ear of corn has many seed kernels. Alfalfa knew that he would need seeds to plant at the next corn-planting time. So he put some kernels in a bag to save for planting. He kept some ears to eat himself.”
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