Gawain Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Gawain
“He was able to love them again, but he loved them now in a wiser way, knowing their weakness.”
“I’m always careful. I check, I double-check, and I re-double-check. Sometimes my mind may wander, but my eyes are always wide open.”
“How could the whole community, Gawain’s friends, turn against him? Even if he were guilty, were they not still his friends?”
“Before starting to work for Gawain, Derek secretly cemented the chink in the floor of the treasury. It wasn’t really necessary, but it made him feel better. He felt it put an end to the whole episode- the theft, the trial, its aftermath.”
“Gawain made Derek his assistant, and got to work at once on his first project- a new opera house, for which he decided to use his favorite form, the egg.”
“Being Chief Guard of the newly built Royal Treasury made him an important goose, but the job bored him. Then why had he accepted it?”
“He had been chosen for the post by King Basil the bear because of his upright, trustworthy character, and he accepted because he couldn’t possibly have refused. He loved the rough, gruff, fatherly King.”
“When the tourists had moved on, Gawain found himself wishing for his old way of life- swimming in his pond, tilling his bed of herbs, raising prize cabbages and string beans, and drafting plans for strikingly original buildings.”
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