being careful Quotes

10 of the best book quotes about being careful
“Be careful what you say. It comes true.”
“Careful where you’re throwing those stones. You might hit someone.”
“Drac must capture the Gremln of the Groaning Grotto. She knows he is quick, quiet as a spider, and very, very dangerous. She must be so careful...”
“Mufaro knew nothing of how Manyara treated Nyasha. Nyasha was too considerate of her father’s feelings to complain and Manyara was always careful to behave herself when Mufaro was around.”
“I’m always careful. I check, I double-check, and I re-double-check. Sometimes my mind may wander, but my eyes are always wide open.”
“Poor Thomas couldn’t answer. He had no breath. He just puffed slowly away to rest and had a long, long drink. He went home very slowly and was careful afterward never to be cheeky to Gordon again.”
″ ‘Daddy!’ calls Alfie. ‘We forgot to brush my teeth.’ Daddy comes. He has brought a toothbrush and a glass of water. Alfie brushes his teeth. Tonight he brushes them extra carefully. Every tooth gets clean.”
“Once again let me remind you that the Rock itself is extremely dangerous and you are therefore forbidden to engage in any tomboy foolishness in the matter of exploration, even on the lower slopes.”
He is now a Hodgeheg, not a hedgehog, but he is still determined to fulfill his mission. After some careful detective work, Max eventually discovers the best way to cross the road - with the help of the lollipop lady, of course!
“When there is wind on the moon, you must be very careful how you behave. Because if it is an ill-wind, and you behave badly, it will blow straight into your heart, and then you will behave badly for a long time to come.”
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