Georges Méliès Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Georges Méliès
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    “He bent down on one knee and whispered to me, ‘If you’ve ever wondered where your dreams come from when you go to sleep at night, just look around. This is where they are made.‘”
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    “I will decide how long you must work for each of the items you stole, and it will be up to me to decide when you have earned back your notebook, if it still exists.”
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    ″... Now sit back, open your eyes, and be prepared to dream.”
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    “I address you all tonight for who you truly are: wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians. You are the true dreamers.”
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    “I bought the toy booth, where I’ve been trapped ever since, listening to the sounds of shoe heels clicking against the floor… the sound of my films disappearing forever in the dust. I was haunted by those ghosts for so many years.”
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    “The edges of the drawings were yellowed and brittle, but they were all beautiful, and they were all by Georges Méliès.”