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13 of the best book quotes about trapped
“The two men he was sworn to protect, one of them the diplomatic representative to the United States, were trapped somewhere inside the burning safe.”
“I bought the toy booth, where I’ve been trapped ever since, listening to the sounds of shoe heels clicking against the floor… the sound of my films disappearing forever in the dust. I was haunted by those ghosts for so many years.”
“I was in the hands of fate and it was useless to try to escape.”
“You are not stuck in time like a fly in a closed bottle, whose wings are therefore useless.”
“I, who had always run where I wanted, could go three hops forward, three hops back again. And that was all.”
“I’ve never wanted to live inside a cage like a bear in the zoo!”
“He crawled in among the bales of rope where I was hiding and wait for father to decide what to do. Father was thinking. He knew that they would take me, even though that meant splitting us up. Trying to resist would only make things worse so he made up his mind to hide too.”
“Indistinctly, he was sensing that the world he knew so well, the only world he had ever known until now, was a sort of prison, and that its people, his people, were trapped within its high walls.”
“The other slice came down- kersplat!- on top of the wasps, and that was that. There were only three that got away, and where they are now I cannot say.”
“I’ll never forget that first hour of knowing I was blind. I was so frightened that it was hard for me to breathe. It was as if I’d been put inside something that was all dark and I couldn’t get out.”
“Hunger. It’s like an animal trapped inside you.”
“What I hope is they ain’t going to have one of them new-fangled garbage cans that’s buried in the ground, them ones with heavy iron lids. Why, they’re downright dangerous, oughtn’t to be allowed.”
″‘We can’t get out till he lets us go!’ said Mollie. ‘Oh dear, why did we ever come here? I’m sure that little man is a gnome or something.‘”
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