The Invention of Hugo Cabret Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from The Invention of Hugo Cabret
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    “He bent down on one knee and whispered to me, ‘If you’ve ever wondered where your dreams come from when you go to sleep at night, just look around. This is where they are made.‘”
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    ″[...] So I figure if the entire world is a big machine, I have to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason too.”
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    “He packed up his things and raced out of the station. He was hungry and tired and had no idea where he would go.”
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    “I’m trying to help you. Why are you being so mean?”
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    “Hugo was good with clocks, too. The talent ran in the family. Hugo’s father had always brought home broken clocks for his son to play with, and by the time he was six, Hugo was able to fix just about anything.”
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    “I will decide how long you must work for each of the items you stole, and it will be up to me to decide when you have earned back your notebook, if it still exists.”
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    “Most of all, Hugo would do his best to remain invisible.”
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    “Without warning, Hugo wrapped his arms around Isabelle’s neck and gave her a big hug. He could tell she was surprised.”
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    ″... Now sit back, open your eyes, and be prepared to dream.”
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    “‘Died? He’s not dead...’ Hugo said out loud.
    ‘Who isn’t dead?’ said Etienne, who had been reading over Hugo’s shoulder.
    ‘Georges Méliès.‘”
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    “Hundreds of pieces of paper of every shape and size scattered across the floor. Hugo saw that they were all covered with drawings.”
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    “I address you all tonight for who you truly are: wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians. You are the true dreamers.”
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    “From the very first moment his father had told him about it, the mechanical man had become the center of Hugo’s life.”
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    “She then handed Hugo a photo she had taken of him with his old friends Antoine and Louis. They all had their arms around one another’s necks and were laughing.”
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    “It can tell you the incredible story of Georges Méliès, his wife, their goddaughter, and a beloved clock maker whose son grew up to be a magician.”
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    “I bought the toy booth, where I’ve been trapped ever since, listening to the sounds of shoe heels clicking against the floor… the sound of my films disappearing forever in the dust. I was haunted by those ghosts for so many years.”
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    “She walked to the rear door and took out a bobby pin from her pocket. Hugo watched as she fiddled with the pin inside the lock until it clicked and the door opened. ‘How did you learn to do that?’ asked Hugo. ‘Books,’ answered Isabelle.”
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    “The edges of the drawings were yellowed and brittle, but they were all beautiful, and they were all by Georges Méliès.”
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    “Hugo’s father had stepped into a dark room, and on a white screen he had seen a rocket fly right into the eye of the man in the moon. Father said he had never experienced anything like it. It had been like seeing his dreams in the middle of the day.”
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    “Having an eye patch actually makes it easier to look through a camera - I don’t have to close one eye like everyone else.”