getting to know someone Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about getting to know someone
“I yearn to know the people I love deeply and intimately—without context, without boxes—and I yearn for them to know me that way, too.”
″‘Do you think Joseph will fit in?’ my mother asked me later. ‘Rosie loves him,’ I said. I didn’t need to say anything more. You can tell all you need to know about someone from the way cows are around him.”
“This woman knew joy. And Benedict had to know her.”
“So why do I need to get to know her as if she were still a girl? You act like she’s alive.”
Prietita is a young Mexican-American girl living in South Texas, near the Rio-Grande river which is the U.S.-Mexican border. One day, she meets a boy named Joaquin, who meets her clad in a long sleeve shirt (unusual for the summer) and a bundle of firewood.
“It’s impossible to get to know people deeply and not come to like them.”
“Train compartments are odd affairs to begin with. Complete strangers find themselves together here and after a few hours know each other so well, it’s as if they’ve been best friends for years.”
“Criminal lawyers journalists are not enemies, the former need advertisement, the latter information.”
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