The Mystery of the Yellow Room Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from The Mystery of the Yellow Room
“But when, at the Assize Court, he brought in the key to the whole case, he did not tell the whole truth. He only allowed so much of it to appear as sufficed to ensure the acquittal of an innocent man.”
“The more we think we know something, the further we are from knowing anything!”
″...murderers don’t leave traces behind them which tell the truth.”
“Criminal lawyers journalists are not enemies, the former need advertisement, the latter information.”
“His intelligence was so keen, and so original!- and he had a quality of thought such as I have never found in any other person.”
“It should not surprise us to find in the one man the perfection of two such lines of activity if we remember that the daily press was already beginning to transform itself and to become what it is to-day- the gazette of crime.”
“It was always repugnant to him to use for his own private gain that wonderful gift of invention he had received from nature.”
″...I saw that what he had previously said, and which had appeared to me void of meaning, was so thoroughly logical that I could not understand how it was I had not understood him sooner.”
“When people throw themselves into the arms of justice with the proofs of complicity on them, you can be sure they are not accomplices.”
“A mutton-bone in the hand of a skilled assassin is a frightful weapon...”
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