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Four of the best book quotes about good old days
“Can I tell you, we are living in the good old days. Twenty years from now you’ll look back and say, ‘Wow! That was one of the best times of my life.’ Don’t miss it living discontentedly.”
“It’s the Centennial Celebration,” Grandma said. “We’re all going back to the old days and the old ways for a week.” “Grandma,” I said, “you never gave up any of the old ways.”
“Nothing ever was as good these days as it had been when he was a young man. Horses could not run so fast, young men were not so brave and dashing, women were not so pretty, flowers did not grow so well, and as for dogs, if there were any decent ones left in the world, it was because they were in his own kennels.”
“In the good old summertime—in the good old summertime! In the good old summertime—in the good old summertime!”
Source: Chapter 1, Line 39
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