Lassie Come Home Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Lassie Come Home
“Now she’s sold, and gone, and done with. So don’t ask any more questions. They won’t change it. She’s gone, so that’s that- and let’s say no more about it.”
“Why question how this wonderful thing had happened? It was enough that it had happened.”
″...sometimes there comes a time in a man’s life when fate has beaten him so that he must bow his head and decide that he must eat his pride so that his family may eat bread.”
″ their rough, kind way they had tried to keep their burdens of living from bearing also on his young shoulders. Though his brain told him these things, his heart still cried for Lassie.”
“It’s just-well she’s not for sale for no price.”
“And that was why Lassie meant so much to them. She represented some sort of pride that money had not been able to take away from them.”
“Nothing ever was as good these days as it had been when he was a young man. Horses could not run so fast, young men were not so brave and dashing, women were not so pretty, flowers did not grow so well, and as for dogs, if there were any decent ones left in the world, it was because they were in his own kennels.”
“But there seemed to be no forgiveness, for the man turned his eyes from her suddenly and stared into the fire. That way the man shut his dog from his sight.”
“Lassie’s come home.”
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