gravity Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about gravity
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    “But the princess had to learn to walk, before they could be married with any propriety. And this was not so easy at her time of life, for she could walk no more than a baby. She was always falling down and hurting herself.
    ‘Is this the gravity you used to make so much of?’ said she one day to the prince, as he raised her from the floor. ‘For my part, I was a great deal more comfortable without it.’
    ‘No, no, that’s not it. This is it,’ replied the prince, as he took her up, and carried her about like a baby, kissing her all the time.
    ‘This is gravity.’
    ‘That’s better,’ said she. ‘I don’t mind that so much.’ And she smiled the sweetest, loveliest smile in the prince’s face. And she gave him one little kiss in return for all his; and he thought them overpaid, for he was beside himself with delight. I fear she complained of her gravity more than once after this, notwithstanding.”
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    “The question of race was like the power of the moon in my house. It’s what made the river flow, the ocean swell, and the tide rise, but it was a silent power, intractable, indomitable, indisputable, and thus completely ignorable. Mommy kept us at a frantic living pace that left no time for the problem.”
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    Power, time, gravity, love. The forces that really kick trash are all invisible.
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    “Perhaps the best thing for the princess would have been to fall in love. But how a princess who had no gravity could fall into anything is a difficulty—perhaps the difficulty. As for her own feelings on the subject, she did not even know that there was such a beehive of honey and stings to be fallen into.”
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    “To deny the realities of change in our lives is to pretend that the forces of gravity won’t pull the ripe apple from the tree.”
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    “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”
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    “It’s only one-sixth Earth’s gravity. Walking doesn’t take much energy.”
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    “Thanks to our low gravity, no one got hurt falling to the ground. A few scrapes and bruises is all.”