Harum Scarum Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Harum Scarum
“Once upon a time Puss and Pup kept house together. They had their own little cottage in the wood. Here they lived together and tried to do everything just like real grown-up people.”
“Their home was not always as tidy as it might have been. Some things they did well, and others not so well. And sometimes there was rather a mess. One day they noticed that the cottage floor was very dirty.”
“Pup took a pail and went for water. Meanwhile Puss took a piece of soap our of her bag and put it on the table. Then she went off to the box-room for something; I expect she kept a piece of smoked mouse there.”
“Goodness me!′ cried Puss. ‘Whatever’s happened to you, Pup? You must be il. There’s foam dripping from your mouth. Whatever is the matter?’ ‘Well,’ said Pup., ‘I found something lying on the table. I though it might be some cheese, or a piece of cake, so I ate it.”
“I’will tell you what,′ said Pup. ‘I’m sopping wet, but you’re dry, and your fur is nice and soft. It’ll make a lovely floor-cloth. I’ll dry the floor with you.’ So he took hold of Puss and dried the whole floor with her.”
“Well, we do look a sight!′ they both said, looking at each other. ‘We’ve got the floor clean all right, but now look at us! We can’t possible say like this. Everybody will laugh. We’ll have to be sent to the wash.”
“So Pup took hold of Puss and hung her up, just like washing. They didn’t need any pegs, because they could hold on to the line with their claws. One Puss was on the line, she jumped down and hung up Pup.”
“So they hung themselves on the line a second time. First Pup put Puss up, and as soon as she was hanging up she jumped down nd put up Pup. So they both hung on the line, just like washing, and were very please at the was the sun shone and made such a drying day.”
“So they clambered into the basket. But then they felt so sleepy that they both fell asleep. And they slept in the basket right through until the next morning.”
“But it won’t do you any harm to get a bit sunburnt,′ observed Pup. ‘You are looking a little pale after the long winter. I say, do hurry up with your licking and let’s be off!’
“On the way they talked about what they would do in the wood. They decided to play hide and seek, ‘Babes in the wood’, and a short game of ‘he’. After this they would lie on their backs in the grass and just gaze up at the blue sky.”
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