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Six of the best book quotes about historical facts
“As in a great many poor homes, our kitchen was also the bedroom. Near the fireplace were all the things for the meals _the table, the pots and pans, and the sideboard; at the other end was the bedroom.”
She determines to fight vehemently to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again, and if necessary even to beat the truth into the heads of the ignorant.
“The country is shaped by changes. When the bear gang breaks up their winter camp in the Paha Sapa to move to new hunting grounds, the Dakota have to fight the Panifight for the area with the buffalo herds .”
“The story beings in the spring of 1863, when rumors arose that there was going to be gold in the Black Hills (Lakota: Paha Sapa). The eleven-year-old Harka emulates his father, the war chief of the bear gang, Mattotaupa (“Four Bears”).”
“The hero is the Lakota boy Harka, who later calls himself “stone with horns” as a warrior and Tokei-ihto as chief . The hexalogy is captivating because it is written with scientific knowledge and historical facts, but also contains imaginative and exciting stories about the culture of the Indians.”
“Based during the First World war it tells the story of two families, one landed gentry and another who worked for them.”
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