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Seven of the best book quotes about to happen
“I went from watching what happened to what could have and should have happened.”
“This is an awful thing that’s happened to you, but it’s also presenting you with a rare opportunity. You have the chance to rebuild yourself from the ground up, to make a completely fresh start.”
″-did it really happen if i can’t remember it?”
She determines to fight vehemently to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again, and if necessary even to beat the truth into the heads of the ignorant.
“Barney had a feeling, somewhere in his middle, that it was probably true about the ground giving way. But still, there was a difference between being told and seeing it happen.”
″‘Your instinct was quite correct. It’s happened.’ Poirot straightened up and asked sharply: ‘What has happened?’ ‘Linnet Doyle’s dead...‘”
“Whatever may happen, it must be of new hope or of new courage to me!”
Source: Chapter 24, Line 4
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