Jazz Bashara Quotes

15 of the best book quotes from Jazz Bashara
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    “I had this bad habit of checking my bank account every day, as if compulsively looking at it would make it grow. But the banking software wasn’t interested in my dreams.”
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    “Jazz, I’m a businessman. My whole jobs is exploiting underutilized resources. And you are a massively underutilized resource.”
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    ″‘Why not start your own company?’
    He snorted. ‘If only it were that easy. It’s impossible to compete with Sanchez. Literally impossible.‘”
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    “It’s a small town, Jazz. I keep my ear to the ground.”
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    “This moment right now-is where we decide what kind of city Artemis is going to be. We can either act now, or let our home degenerate into syndicate rule for generations. This isn’t some theoretical scenario. They burned down a business. They murdered two people. There’s a huge amount of money in play - they’re not going to stop.”
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    “I live in Artemis, the first (and so far, only) city on the moon. It’s made of five huge spheres called ‘bubbles.‘”
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    “If you’d stop coddling criminals like Jazz, we’d get along better.”
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    “‘Thanks for always being in my corner. It means a lot to me.’
    ‘Sure.’ He craned his neck around to look up at me. ‘I’ll always be there for you, Jazz.‘”
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    ″‘Are you a supervillain or something?’ I gestured to the screen. ‘I mean come on.‘”
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    ″‘Did you draw this with your left hand or something?’
    ‘I’m not an artist, okay?’
    He pinched his chin. ‘Art quality aside, this is an elegant design.‘”
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    “That’s the thing about crying yourself to sleep. When you wake up, the problems are still there.”
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    “On a scale from one to ‘invade Russia in winter,’ how stupid is this plan?”
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    “But by the end of it I had a plan. And like all good plans, it required a crazy Ukrainian guy.”
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    “Five a.m. was a largely theoretical concept to me. I knew it existed, but I rarely observed it. Nor did I want to.”
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    “Your suit is your responsibility. It failed. That means you failed.”