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23 of the best book quotes about stopping
“But if we stop, if we accept the person we are when we fall, the journey ends. That failure becomes our destination.”
“Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me”
“The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still.”
“Leigh Anne listened to the doctors discuss how bizarrely lucky Sean Junior had been in his collision with the airbag. Then she went back home and relayed the conversation to Michael, who held out his arm. An ugly burn mark ran right down the fearsome length of it. ‘I stopped it,’ he said.”
“No, don’t apologize. I’m sorry. You’re right. I keep waiting to not care about her.”
“It was barely audible, yet it stopped them dead, so that they stood paralyzed on the trail with their jaws hanging slackly.”
“Nothing ever stops; it divides and multiplies, and I guess sometimes it gets ground down superfine, but it doesn’t just blow away.”
“If you’d stop coddling criminals like Jazz, we’d get along better.”
“And he loved that she’d stormed into his life and turned everything upside down before he ever had a chance to stop her.”
“You need this armor to stop any onslaught of the enemy’s destructive arrows into your life and the lives of those you care about—both now and in the future.”
“Then all of a sudden she stopped with a jerk. She simply could not go another inch. She tried and she tried, but her wheels would not turn.”
We’re defeatists and we stop striving or fighting or enjoying things.
“Stop, dogs. Stop! The light is red now.”
But when the confused and curious boy discovers that a mysterious virus is spreading through town, he decides to enter an otherworldly house to stop it.
“Now wait a minute, Mr. Socks Fox!”
“He tiptoed on and on until something made him stop quite still. ‘Look out!’ he thought. ‘There’s something there!’ ”
“Soon the Jolly Postman, We hear tell, Stopped at a door with a giant bell And a giant Bottle of milk as well”
“I had been dancing a group of slaves, and at that terrible sound, Spark signaled me to stop my tune.”
“And then suddenly it stopped, and he was left standing dazed with his nose almost touching a very ordinary beech twig. He knew then that the Dark had its own way of putting even an Old One outside Time for a space, if they needed a space for their own magic.”
Nathanial soon learns he is not in Cheshunt by accident. As the dark calls its own, so does the light. Nathanial must confront phantoms from his own past if he and all the others called by the light have any hope of stopping the Gathering and its creator.
“He felt tired and hungry too, so without stopping on the way he ran back home.”
“His aunt and uncle would certainly do all they could to stop him; they did not want him to use the garden, else why had they kept him in the dark about its very existence.”
″‘Perhaps the elephant will turn back into a white hen,’ murmured Delphine. ‘After all, she only did it for the game. When we’ve stopped playing Noah’s Ark there won’t be any reason for her to go on being an elephant.‘”

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