knowing yourself Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about knowing yourself
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    “How can you get very far, If you don’t know who you are?”
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    “People think they know what they want but they generally don’t. Sometimes if they’re lucky they’ll get it anyways. Me I was always lucky. My whole life. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”
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    “When the critical moment in a close race was upon you, you had to know something he did not - that down in your core you still had something in reserve, something you had not yet shown, something that once revealed would make him doubt himself, make him falter just when it counted the most. Like so much in life, crew was partly about confidence, partly about knowing your own heart.”
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    “somebody/ anybody
    sing a black girl’s song
    bring her out
    to know herself
    to know you
    but sing her rhythms
    carin/ struggle/ hard times
    sing her song of life
    she’s been dead so long
    closed in silence so long
    she doesn’t know the sound
    of her own voice
    her infinite beauty
    she’s half-notes scattered
    without rhythm/ no tune
    sing her sighs
    sing the song of her possibilities
    sing a righteous gospel
    let her be born
    let her be born
    & handled warmly.”
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    “I know myself . . . but that is all.”
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    “They knew each other. He knew her and so himself, for in truth he had never known himself. And she knew him and so herself, for although she had always known herself she had never been able to recognize it until now.”