Sheriff Ed Tom Bell Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Sheriff Ed Tom Bell
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    “Ninety percent of the time. It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people cant be governed at all. Or if they could I never heard of it.”
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    “People think they know what they want but they generally don’t. Sometimes if they’re lucky they’ll get it anyways. Me I was always lucky. My whole life. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”
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    “I think it is more like what you are willin to become. And I think a man would have to put his soul at hazard. And I wont do that. I think now that maybe I never would.”
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    “He said I was bein hard on myself. Said it was a sign of old age.”
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    “What do you say to a man that by his own admission has no soul? Why would you say anything? I’ve thought about it a good deal. But he wasn’t nothin’ compared to what was comin’ down the pike.”
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    “I believe that whatever you do in your life it will get back to you. If you live long enough it will. ”
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    “By the time you figured it out it would be too late”
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    “One of the things you realize about gettin older is that not ever’body is goin to get older with you.”
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    “The papers said it was a crime of passion and he told me there wasnt no passion to it. ”
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    “I always thought when I got older that God would sort of come into my life in some way. He didn’t. I don’t blame him. If I was him I’d have the same opinion about me that he does.”
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    “People complain about the bad things that happen to em that they don’t deserve but they seldom mention the good. About what they done to deserve them things”