lack of truth Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about lack of truth
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    ″Clay, your reputation was deserved. But mine… mine was not. And there I was with you. Adding to my reputation.”
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    “Everything is permitted, Nothing is true.”
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    “To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.”
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    “Almost universally, the kind of performance we give on social media is positive. It’s more ‘Let me tell you how well things are going. Look how great I am.’ It’s rarely the truth: ‘I’m scared. I’m struggling. I don’t know.’ ”
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    “But eventually, as they always will, the rumors reached me. And everybody knows you can’t disprove a rumor.”
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    ″‘No,’ she shot back without looking at him. ‘You’re telling lies with a little bit of the truth mixed in is all.‘”
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    “Any given man sees only a tiny portion of the total truth, and very often, in fact almost ... perpetually, he deliberately deceives himself about that little precious fragment as well.”

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