Valentine Morgenstern Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Valentine Morgenstern
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    ″‘No,’ she shot back without looking at him. ‘You’re telling lies with a little bit of the truth mixed in is all.‘”
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    “When his land burned, when his home was destroyed, it was assumed that he had burned himself and the Cup to ashes rather than relinquish either to the Clave. His bones were found in the ashes, along with the bones of his wife.”
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    ″‘You won’t hurt him,‘whispered Hodge. ‘You swore you wouldn’t hurt him.’
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    “And now the two of you have plotted my betrayal together. You will regret what you have done, all the rest of your lives.”
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    ″‘That whole business about Clary’s mother being married to Valentine,‘said Isabelle. [...] ‘So now he’s back from the dead and he’s come looking for her. Maybe he wants to get back together.‘”
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    ″‘I thought you were asking about children of mine,‘Luke interrupted smoothly. ‘Yes Jocelyn had a daughter. Clarissa. I assume she’s run off. Did Valentine send you to find her?”