Linnet Doyle Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Linnet Doyle
″‘Your instinct was quite correct. It’s happened.’ Poirot straightened up and asked sharply: ‘What has happened?’ ‘Linnet Doyle’s dead...‘”
“If a girl’s as rich as that she’s no right to be a good-looker as well. And she is a good-looker... Got everything, that girl has. Doesn’t seem fair...”
“My dear Monsieur Poirot—how can I put it? It’s like the moon when the sun comes out. You don’t know it’s there anymore. When once I’d met Linnet—Jackie didn’t exist.”
“Why, I haven’t got an enemy in the world.”
″‘So, if I lost all my money, you’d drop me tomorrow?’ ‘Yes, darling, I would. You can’t say I’m not honest about it! I only like successful people.‘”
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