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10 of the best book quotes about successful
“A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else.”
“My mother used to hope that I would rise up from my humble roots. Become someone sucessful, or even famous. I’m famous all right, but I don’t think it’s what she had in mind.”
“Romans 4 says to ‘call the things that are not as though they were.’ That simply means that you shouldn’t talk about the way you are. Talk about the way you want to be. If you’re struggling in your finances, don’t go around saying, ‘Oh, man, business is so slow. The economy is so down. It’s never going to work out.’ That’s calling the things that are as if they will always be that way. That’s just describing the situation. By faith you have to say, ‘I am blessed. I am successful. I am surrounded by God’s favor.’”
“The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not.”
“Successful people are good in four areas: relationships, equipping, attitude, and leadership.”
“A new civil rights movement cannot be organized around the relics of the earlier system of control if it is to address meaningfully the racial realities of our time. Any racial justice movement, to be successful, must vigorously challenge the public consensus that underlies the prevailing system of control.”
“I had grown up right and had graduated to become a citizen of the world, credit due to many who took those chances on me, but no one more so than Moms. It was so important to me that she know how far I had been able to come, thanks to her.”
“I am blessed. I am prosperous. I am successful.” “I am victorious. I am talented. I am creative.” “I am wise. I am healthy. I am in shape.” “I am energetic. I am happy. I am positive.” “I am passionate. I am strong. I am confident.” “I am secure. I am beautiful. I am attractive.” “I am valuable. I am free. I am redeemed.” “I am forgiven. I am anointed. I am accepted.” “I am approved. I am prepared. I am qualified.” “I am motivated. I am focused. I am disciplined.” “I am determined. I am patient. I am kind.” “I am generous. I am excellent. I am equipped.” “I am empowered. I am well able.” “I am a child of the Most High God.”
″‘So, if I lost all my money, you’d drop me tomorrow?’ ‘Yes, darling, I would. You can’t say I’m not honest about it! I only like successful people.‘”
“Find your lane, baby. I’ve seen highways with six, sometimes eight lanes. If everyone is going the same way, then everyone is going to pick a lane and ride in it. Yes, depending on the lane chosen, some folks are going to get there a little bit quicker and some are going to take their time. But we’re all on the same road. You don’t have to do everything just like somebody else to be successful. Figure out your own way and be alright with getting off on a different exit, your exit.”
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