Maverick Carter Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Maverick Carter
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    “I was making good money too, and it was honestly hard to consider walking away from it.”
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    “When people say it’s for life, it’s for life. You gotta be willing to die in it or die for it. You want out?”
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    “When the Khalils get arrested for selling drugs, they either spend most of their life in prison, another billion-dollar industry, or they have a hard time getting a real job and probably start selling drugs again. That’s the hate they’re giving us, baby, a system designed against us. That’s Thug Life.”
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    “Daddy once told me there’s a rage passed down to every black man from his ancestors, born the moment they couldn’t stop the slave masters from hurting their families. Daddy also said there’s nothing more dangerous than when that rage is activated.”
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